UFO causes chaos in CHINA !!! May 2014

UFO causes chaos in CHINA !!! May 2014… Strange UFO spotted hovering over the road and attacking some cars in SiChuan. We can see that it was starting to c…
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UFO causes chaos in CHINA !!! May 2014: 25 комментариев

  1. The only frame I could even question is where the craft fires, then
    explosion, then short static; that one set of frames didn’t seem to mesh.
    That aside, Your videos are amazing and put hollywood to shame-they should
    hire you if they haven’t already. You’ve got to be a professional video
    arc. or editor.

  2. 2 posibilities
    1. Area 51 is top secret project where they built saucers more advanced
    like 100 years ahead.
    2. Real Ufos came from another star system.
    So far as i know, i ve never seen ufos attacking ppl.
    Their spaceships can travel through a form of «space tunnels» that gets
    them from point «A» to point «B» faster without having to travel at the
    speed of light. They seem to be able to bend the distance from one point in
    space to another. I cannot fully understand how they travel, but we have
    many top scientists who can understand their concept

  3. Oh my goodness…there were «machine guns» that were fired from the ufo, so
    this only concludes that this is a US top secret (back engineered) ufo.

    You have to remember that most of humanity is awake now and in mankind’s
    history…we have never been attacked by ETs and there have been MANY that
    have come and gone. The only ones who have been doing the killings on this
    world are the dark illuminati cabal.

    I believe this is one of their crafts and they are causing havoc all over
    the world to precondition the people to think we are being invaded by
    hostile aliens. 

  4. Looking at some of the comments below, it seems the american media has been
    censoring their cyberattacks on foreign countries, their spying throigh
    Apple and Microsoft and from the NSA. And no solid evidence is yet
    presented by the American govt to show chinese hacking?

    The US shows the fear in the inferiority of their technology n products to
    resort to such forms of protectionism. Be a man and dare admit your wrongs
    n open ur markets up to fair competition and free trade. Stop manipulating
    ur currency through «quantitative easing» aka print money to unfairly
    devalue the US dollar. Stop supporting your puppet governments in Iraq and
    afghanistan and stop rigging their elections to support US friendly puppet
    dIctators like Maliki in Iraq

  5. couldn’t be fake , video looks real . but one thing is certain that this
    video should be classified even if this craft wasnt piloted by an (alien)
    instead by the gov , its still highly classified . not to mention all the
    other crafts they’ve captured thru out the past.. yall really think they
    wouldn’t be testing by then ? i mean were talking bout since the late 70s
    this is not surprising to me .

  6. This is fake why would they be using explosive rounds ? , don’t you think
    if they were that technologically more advance than is why use that weapons
    why not laser beams ? 

  7. If You Still Believe We Are Alone…..Just Look At All The
    Technology….Let me Correct Myself …Alien Technology….In the last 45
    yrs we have taken a Quantum Leap…….

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