UFO cloaked in Aurora Borealis? — real NASA image

Aurora, the goddess who renews herself at dawn and takes flight in the skies. That’s what I thought of immediately despite most online buzz saying this is a …
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When two Swedish treasure hunters searched for champagne in shipwrecks, they came across something unusual, something they had never seen before. Our corresp…
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UFO cloaked in Aurora Borealis? — real NASA image: 10 комментариев

  1. 4thDimensional, my Brother.
    The Men of Wisdom are Here.

    Love, is their only defeater.
    It conQuers All.

    RSP’s Quick Survival Guide~If they land, they are Fallen.

    Their Vibration has been lowered.
    And they are starting to manifest into 3rdMass.
    Causation affects will apply, shortly. 😉
    A Planet shall UnMask.
    «I saw Satan cast down to Earth».


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