UFO Contact from the Pleiades — Chapter 3 Aboard the DAL Spacecraft

UFO Contact from the Pleiades - Chapter 3 Aboard the DAL Spacecraft

Billy Meier is taken for a ride through this galaxy and many others and he’s also taken to different time epochs. So this is one heck of a ride! No wonder, h…
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UFO Contact from the Pleiades — Chapter 3 Aboard the DAL Spacecraft: 25 комментариев

  1. »
    You might ask, ‘Why did Billy get to go and I didn’t?’ Because Billy made
    the deal, before he was born».. i wonder what deal this was? also wonder
    why there never has been clear cut footage of our alien space neighbours.
    Who is Asket and there more of her ,her kind ? inbox me to answer..thank

  2. Crazy stuff.. Ya I agree 100% about the religious folks always throwing
    out, its a demon, they are demons. Silly people, billions of galaxies and
    we are the only living things. He’ll it even looks stupid when I type it.
    Like said before. Grow up.

  3. Breaking down the barriers of Religion and dogma will be an immensely
    difficult task. Even if we spread the truth to 10 people and they do the
    same in a cycle we will not have the power, money or sway to make a great

    Even if we march or create documentaries it will have little impact for
    many reasons: 1) The CIA and those interested in keeping control will shut
    us down. 2) People are not willing to disturb their peace and risk their
    lives for this cause. 3) It will require someone with a truly open mind to
    believe in these stories and carry out the mission of spreading the truth.
    Not many of these people exist.

    People on earth respond to success and power. If you are anything but
    powerful, rich or beautiful they WILL NOT LISTEN. The person who will break
    this facade is someone who encompasses all those qualities, like Joel

    Until that person comes along, combating Religion and its roots will be
    near impossible.

    The best we can do is live our lives with love and light and keep spreading
    the truth. After all, a virus starts as a single organism and multiplies
    with each passing day until it ultimately destroys the host. As unsavory as
    that sounds, we must be like a virus with our truth and destroy Religion.


  4. My only question is, if the pleiadians are really real. And can come in
    contact with humans. Then why don’t they just come and do what they did
    thousands of years ago. Except this time, fix their mistakes. If that’s
    what they’re trying to do

  5. this is very interesting, but im just wondering, if the ET’s that
    communicated with him wanted catastrophes to NOT happen (like what they
    said), how come they also instructed him not to say all of the things they
    know, like all the assassinations and stuff? Wouldn’t it be more pleasant
    if all of those tragedies had been avoided, as how they claim their mission
    really is?

  6. I wrote a fictional book inspired by the plejarens (and about them) called
    The Elves of Canada and I’m convinced that copies sold (on a certain major
    website) are not recorded and I’m not paid royalties on that particular
    title even though my royalties are fine on all my other books. I truly
    believe that there is a purposeful blockade on this type of information. 

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