UFO Contactee NO To The New World Order — Chronicles Of The Ancient — Nadira Duran

A rcoones video: nadiraangels@hotmail.com From an unusual Birth to contacts through out her life, Nadira has had contacts from above and continues to have vi…
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UFO Contactee NO To The New World Order — Chronicles Of The Ancient — Nadira Duran: 25 комментариев

  1. What IF, these beings are nothing close to what they’ve told Nadira, or any
    other contactee, of who they are, and they need the population thinned down
    so there’s room for their hybrids to move onto Earth? Are they the group
    behind the Georgia Guidestones, of which BTW, *the year of 2014 has been
    added* recently?

    I believe there’s some truth in what she’s saying, but asking us to believe
    in these sneaky entities, who paralyze and steal us out of our beds at
    night, take our sperm and ova to create allies for their own agenda, steal
    fetuses out of our wombs, and make us look like psychiatric cases, while
    they hide from the rest of us, is insanity. They want us to fight ‘their’
    fight, while we perish for it. Who really benefits here?

    Very few of us have had ‘angels’ and e.t.s tell us we reincarnate; most of
    us have been indoctrinated that this is our only time on Earth. Those
    running the show, have advanced technology that we haven’t even dreamt
    about, to control us. We can be paralyzed, or our hearts stopped in a
    snap, but we’re to fight them with no help from our «future selves?»
    Right! We’ve been warned about this group of E.T.s agenda, at least twice
    before, and the abductees that get zapped with the artificial «love bug»
    for them, need to wake the hell up.

    «Believe nothing we hear, and only half of what we see?» That’s the best
    thing I’ve heard in this video.

  2. I hate contactees and their nonsense.
    Why would Aliens care about Earth future?
    why would they worry about Earth being contaminated with pollution?
    Sun will go supernova in the future, and whatever humans did to Earth will
    be a moot point.
    nothing that humans can do to earth is nothing compare to what will
    eventually happen to it when the sun goes kaboom!

  3. Look up the galactic federation of light.also there are mediums who channel
    communication from observers outside of this world of 3d. Negative
    unawakened ppl are still in the illusion,wake up! The cabal is working to
    enslave all the people of earth unless we change it,raise your vibration
    and discover your true self.educate yourself.key words to study
    cabal,meditation,channeling,matt mackleroy. There is alot going on.

  4. «I was instructed on the awekening of mankind» …People can´t just take
    her word as if it would be the truth. She cannot expect rational beeings to
    accept those things just like that. The things she talks about are so far
    out there one can only believe in them if one experiences them by
    him/herself. Either you know something as a fact or you don´t. Until then
    there´s just words coming out of a mouth, meaningless, pointless stories.

  5. I had a group of Greys tell me a very similar story, I have pretty much the
    same info, but I think we have changed some things because my Cat Man has
    fur, and my future self is very healthy! One thing true, the New World
    Order must never win. They won’t, though, if you are reading this it’s the
    timeline where we win, and end up doing very well. This doesn’t mean we can
    let up, we must continue our missions to solidify it!

  6. I been telling this for ten years. I have had multiple encounters and with
    that interviewed hundreds in discovery of answers — when there is two
    involved in a abduction the other will never want to talk about it. They
    are programmed to even get hostile when you try and discuss the abduction .
    I have also experienced the heavy fog its very thick and sweet . 

  7. I liked this video and she seems to be the truth ..the only thing I didn’t
    get a good feeling from was what she said at the end. She said Yes I can
    and smiled. I have heard that before as Obama’s campaign slogan in his
    last election. I also know that backwards it translates to thank you
    satan. Creeped me out a bit. I am hoping and thinking probably she didn’t
    mean it that way.

  8. i have read before that a certain type of grey being did wear a body suit
    and mask making them look like the classic grey but the being inside is
    quite small and different looking then the grey looking being.

  9. So the Commander is willing to urge people to change things now so that her
    time in the future, and therefore she herself, will not come into
    existence? Kind, indeed!
    I suppose it does not rule out that her spirit soul, and those of her
    contemporaries, will still exist. They will just be in a different and
    hopefully more robust form. We need to assure a good future for them, even
    if we have to uproot ourselves from this timeline to re-instate the natural
    Come on everybody, unite your heads with your hearts! No fear.
    Your fear is only your gut feeling that something is not true and you
    haven’t made it right. Live love. Harmony is just waiting to prevail the
    moment you remember that it is already within you.

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