UFO Crash Footage Thermal Image

Thermal Imaging of the Classified UFO Crash at Area 51 — Years after the Roswell incident.
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The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (April 29 — May 3, 2013) brought 40+ researchers and government/agency witnesses to Washington DC to testify before six for…

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UFO Crash Footage Thermal Image: 24 комментария

  1. I just don’t see this subject hitting the mainstream for a long time. We
    the people (supposedly) like government. The government like to control us
    with money, work and religion. If we want this subject to become mainstream
    then the current society set-up must be changed immediately. We cannot move
    forwards on this planet with addictions to fossil fuels and a debt based
    currency. The understanding of aliens and why they are visiting us could
    have HUGE implications, challenging any religious persons faith and POV.
    For us UFO fans it’s obvious but the rest of the world is so far behind I
    feel a lot of education is going to be needed to at least support the
    people and how to handle the info…

  2. here we go money talks and bussssh it walks, more jusnk for the
    trunck..what a waste of info this stuff is old and weak playout and burned
    out guffy hollywood disney channel crap…if you want the real deal then it
    has been given just read the Billy Meier contact notes type on the web
    event timeline billy meier on fututreofmankind and be ready to wake up
    cause you late .

  3. Thanks for the info! I am keeping an open mind but am very Angered that if
    only half of this is fact Our governments have lied for over halfof a
    Century of Human history….Are we the people or the sheeple, Aren’t
    governments meant to serve the people….Americans are so full of it Home
    of the Brave land of the Free by for the people…..Shame is also what I
    feel as an Australian because as usual to the Australian Peoples disgust we
    have Been Led blindly by our Govt again….History is stuck on Repeat
    here….time to change the Disc…Pardon the pun!!?

  4. Money makers,they make money out of this,they make money out of us,selling
    books,documentaries,going to tv shows and conference’s,this guys make
    profit out the believers,they lie as the goverment does,who manipulates us
    more?they?the govs?or ourselfs believing in things when we do not have
    tangible evidence,are we the same as the god believers?
    It is obvious there’s a huge lack of spiritual involvement in our
    times,church has failed us as guidance,science and the corruption of our
    goverments,people need something to keep going.

  5. with under the table deals our gov makes makes me wonqer if 9/11 was the
    result of bush reniging on one of these deals going bad with the aliens
    …they had to show him . there is certainly alot of questions
    unanswered….. oh ,wheres all the panic, we can deal with the truth……

  6. Where can watch the whole entire disclosure citizen hearing? I’ve been
    looking everywhere and can’t find a place to view it. Where can it be
    purchased. I don’t see anything on the site.

  7. I have never doubted the existence of extraterrestrial life, but this video
    is stultifying and the opening music is merely an offense to the
    ears…good luck.

  8. it is all based on eye witnesses, some of which are of the scientology
    kind. I would really like to see real proof. Also, on this world were so
    many governments are not as efficient as the us gov and where every person
    has a phone with HD camera, in that world no one has ever shown undeniable
    proof. Maybe it is real, maybe it is not. Just find it a pitty that it is
    all a lot of talk.

  9. we can not rush this crucial topic.if disclosure happens tomorrow,theres no
    way we would handle it.disclosure will happen in time…fools rush in where
    angels fear to tread.thank you for the good work you put out Mac much

  10. If the ufo scandal is true, we will never know, and if the
    military,navy,cia whoever does not know what these things are, we would
    still never know. and who funded this hearing, seems just like a lot of hub
    bub, same stories ,same results!

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