UFO crash in Antarctica? — how to find with Google Earth

Imagery property of Google Earth This is not a claim, let the speculation begin. What is it?
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Is the Baltic Sea Anomaly a 14000 year old alien spacecraft that crash landed? In what seems to come straight out of a starwars film, something like a crashed millenium falcon has been spotted…
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UFO crash in Antarctica? — how to find with Google Earth: 49 комментариев

  1. Follow the roads you can see around the «crash site» and you will see a
    base of some sort to the East and to the Southwest is Mcmurdo station. The
    four objects in the film posted are obviously man made. so is your crash
    site. Sorry

  2. on the right of this «thing are a couple of tanks in a line. if that doesnt
    say, that something strange is going on… as you see, they werent moved
    back so they were maybe destroyed? that fakt is kinda creepy

  3. a crash from outer space would create bigger mark on the ground. there is
    no showing of debris from an alien craft. it would appear more a crash
    mark of a small meteorite.

  4. I hear the company that found this is going to try to recover it but it’s a
    big job with big risks and at the end of the day it’s provably a sunken
    barge or something man made, Hopefully we will see soon!

  5. Ok people. Tell me, how the fuck is this a man-made object? How the fuck is
    this a ruin or again a man-made structure? Do you know how fucking big is
    this shit? Do you fucking know that the team extracted a sample of the
    object and scientists found it is composed of metal? It is not a rock. Did
    humans were able to forge metal 14,000 years ago approximately? Look at the
    damn pattern of that shit, it doesn’t seems natural. And wait, this isn’t
    the only anomaly, there’s a smaller and similar anomaly meters away from
    the first one, and both of them have skid marks. I am on the spaceship
    side. I just hopes the team or at least the swedish and finish government
    try to do something, if not, they’re probably hiding something. 

  6. To any of us with an actual uncluttered and unbiased BRAIN…this is
    obviously NOT a natural rock formation. It is clearly some sort of complex
    shaped intelligently constructed object.

    It is amazing just how stupid the people in continual denial about alien
    life and UFO can be. They will continue to be skeptical no matter how much
    evidence they are confronted with.

    It is combination of ignorance and a legitimate defense of FEAR…because
    for many people it is very scary to accept that other life exists and that
    it is far advanced compared to us.

  7. I suspect that most of the views of the anomaly in this video are «artist’s
    impressions», so I can’t comment on any feature of the anomaly as the
    ‘detail’ is all imaginary.

    At 14,000 years old, at that time, it was the last ice age, and the Baltic
    was covered under a mile or two of ice. This kind of rules out the 14,000
    year old crashed UFO theory. It would have been a hard landing on ice, not
    water, and no skid marks would have survived.

    Incidentally, at 90 metres deep, today’s seabed would have been above
    sea-level (even though covered in ice) at the time, which was 110m lower
    than today.

    It’s probably a rock formation after all, weirder ones have been seen, or
    some ship wreck or jetsam.

  8. I really like this channel because you only report on facts. You don’t try
    to spread conspiracy like all the other bullshit channels. You report on
    facts, give your ideas, then seem to leave the rest to the viewer. This
    kind of channel I like

  9. This is totally fake. The King James Bible clearly states that there is no
    life in outer space. Therefore, this thing cannot possibly be a UFO.
    «Thou shalt not bear false witness» (9th Commandment). The producer of
    this video is a liar, and he will answer to the Lord Jesus Christ on
    Judgment Day.

  10. 90m down? Hmm, funny, the Titanic is 3800m down and that doesn’t seem to
    have stopped anyone from scrutinizing every detail of it. How about we get
    some of those kickstarter dollars rolling in?

  11. I personally believe that its not a UFO, I think that in the time of the
    continental shifts or when Pangea was separating people may have built a
    structure or its one of many structures/buildings that was submerged in the
    continental shift

  12. The answer is NO, no bust starship or anything that would be regarded as
    alien is under the Baltic Sea or any other area on the world, purely
    because there is nothing out there, other than animal forms I am afraid to

    In this frequency and realm, we are it. It is hard to comprehend isn’t it,
    but it is true. If we were not alone, I can assure you we would of
    received radio signals from many many years back sent by so called more
    intelligent lifeforms, wouldn’t we?. Unless these so called aliens have
    the technology to hide radio waves that came from their planet before they
    became technologically advanced, then were are they?.

    Now I do not doubt much alien lifeforms exist, but in other dimensions and
    realities, some will be like us, alone, others will be packed with life.
    As it is, if anything has been here on our tiny insignificant planet, then
    it will have come from another reality/dimension.

    No proof of this of course, but then again no proof exists of alien life.
    Therefore, until any of it is proved, then nothing but ourselves exists in
    this reality.

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