UFO Disclosure, A Global Deception Conspiracy 1 of 3

This is a compilation of evidence revealed by American presidents, astronauts, military personnel, politicians along with credible aired news footage. The co…

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UFO Disclosure, A Global Deception Conspiracy 1 of 3: 25 комментариев

  1. My name is Bryon Smith, I ran ParaNet TAU before the Internet and have been
    involved in UFO alien research since I stood within a few steps of a
    hovering UFO in Pearl, IL in 1970. What you are seeing in this video is in
    fact a diversion and they are a special kind of white phosphorous ground
    illumination flair that can be seen for great distances. They are on
    parachutes that catch the heat from the flair and keep it aloft much longer
    than normal. They should not be confused or compared to the red
    anti-missile flairs we see commonly. You can’t see the trail from the
    flairs either because they are different, they block their own fumes from
    the cameras because of the brightness and the distance from the camera.
    They did this to make people look away from the actual UFO that was
    passing over the city toward the south. When you see the military doing
    things like this look around because it’s likely there’s something up there
    they don’t want you to see. I am also a pilot and I’ve been around these
    things for many years. I am also a videographer which is my profession.

  2. The media and most people react to new things the same way when a few
    centuries ago, a tiny group of individuals had the courage to stand up and
    said that the earth was round, that was not the sun going around the earth
    but the opposite…..The «mass», the «cattle», the majority of people
    always laugh or fear and are behind things, caught up by stupidity; and
    takes a long time for them to catch up with reality. It happened, and
    happens over and over all over again through our history……..only a hand
    full had the knowledge, the courage, the vision and the intelligence to
    grasp what is really going on.

  3. It would be nice if we could have an intelligent debate about aliens and
    UFOs without god freaks saying oh no you have it all wrong there demons
    since when do demons fly around in spaceships? you kooks

  4. I can’t stand listening to Dr. Steven Greer’s lies/propaganda. This was a
    big act to convince all All of America that UFOS exist, but he won’t tell
    you that the aliens are actually demons… Soon they can use the chem
    trails, haarp & project blue-beam to stage a fake alien invasion, & allow
    the Antichrist to rule, and install weapons in space , to try and stop

  5. If ET’s made us, they must have known we’d fuck up somewhere down the line.
    Why else would Earth be soooo far away from the nearest possible exoplanet?
    We should focus on monetary reform laws. Been waiting near 20 years for
    Grier’s disclosure…this documentary is just like «Close encounters of the
    third kind», a fiction. The real issue worldwide is monetary reform laws,
    period. If and when we learn to live in peace, then perhaps you’ll all get
    your wish and Aliens will come visit us. Till then, enjoy your slavery, I
    know I aint..

  6. It’s so sad that the people who report the news to the public report these
    things between giggles, satire and «they’re-crazy-to-believe-this» tone of
    voice and attitude. Makes me hope, secretly of course >:-/ that they are
    the ones the EBE’s grab and probe…

  7. So what are UFO’s really & who occupies them? I think every possible
    theory is listed as follows… Naturally occurring plasma energies. ET’s
    from either outer space or another dimension. Us from the future ( Time
    travelers). Supernatural tulpas (Mental, concentrated projections.).
    Ghosts from another dimension. Angels,demons. Biological Androids from
    another civilization… Maybe one day the Government will tell us the

  8. Fascinating,, Unlike more humble Nations, Us Gov way too arrogant to
    acknowledge the existence of what it doesn’t already dominate.. thus: The
    official denial actually reinforces the authenticity.

  9. we are not alone……thats a real fact.how could we?….this universe is
    old and huge….with all the ingredients for life spreaded out
    there.-simply impossible.

  10. The so called «aliens» are actually fallen angels… And that’s why it show
    up to do their show… Just like when a medium calls up for «so called
    spirit of relative» and what shows up are demons pretending to be whomever
    one may be calling… The same happen when one plays Wigy Board… I told
    my friends ones that that was a dangerous game to play… They kept telling
    me… NOT, & to play along. So when I got there, in my mind I would rebuke
    «it» and IT replied 3 consecutive time letter by letter F-U-C-K-Y-O-U… So
    I left. The other day when I came back, they had to throw away the board
    ’cause the lights went out & things started to fly around… Then I told
    them… Didn’t I tell so? 

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