UFO Disclosure is here !! Full Documentary by WOLVOMAN80

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UFO Disclosure is here !! Full Documentary by WOLVOMAN80: 25 комментариев

  1. TO: the loader of this video, the video maker and the youtubers, always
    searching for contact with the others not related to your race.
    The entire youtube and internet is full of conspiracy theories against the
    ETI’s, the LTI’s and the existence of the Hybrids; Many of you claiming
    outrageous stories such as the humans are just food for the ETI’s and LTI’s
    or some kind of beast running free on the surface of this planet. Others
    even claiming that the Reptilians Empire will wipe out 90% of the entire
    human population. SO far is everything very entertain, like the majorities
    of you letting your fantasies and creativity fly all over the places, like
    some kind of drug or virus across the internet, demanding «Disclosure»
    HOWEVER, by my own investigation and experiences in the many years of
    internet, I discover that over 99% of you, are very afraid of a direct
    contact with any other race living on this planet and that the 99% of you
    just prefer, to read about the topic or just sit and watch some kind of
    video in youtube or TV report full of action, sensation and entertainment.
    The ETI’s-LTI’s-Hybrids, are not here to be your clowns at all. Yes they do
    love when the possibilities to approach one of you, do take place without
    any type or barbarism action or offensive crap such as demons, falling
    angels or some double agent of Satan known as the antichrist, or some blood
    sucker name vampire. As organization or Government institutions, there
    would never be a disclosure with any of you at all, therefore you will be
    living forever, in the ( IF )( BUT ) & ( PERHAPS ) for the rest of your
    life. «HOWEVER» for those of you searching for real contact, with an free
    clean open mind, in search for the true knowledge and friendship; I would
    like to recommend to you to first learn about yourself and above all, learn
    to enter the world of acceptance. As individual, your chances to meet any
    of the 3 members above mentioned, are about 75% higher than those of some
    organization in search for the next $ / € in a world of popularity contest.
    YOU the singular individual, will be surprise how fast you might come in
    contact with one of them and very special at first, «the Hybrids»; So be
    honest with yourselves and stop listening to those barbarians stories
    against them. Once you get the trust of the Hybrids, then that Hybrid will
    take you to the LTI’s and soon YOU alone, will be part of the most
    beautiful family you could ever dream and after that, don’t be afraid of
    very high speed, cause you will be taken to the center crater of the moon
    of 1780m deep, to a very nice restaurant normally full of ETI’s. From that
    moment on, your true knowledge would be by 1000% more advance than any
    other humans on earth and full secrecy will be demanded from you. So be
    «YOU» and enter in the world of acceptance, cause others don’t need to
    looks like you, in order to be your friends. SERHKASTDENATEK in your
    learning to be «YOU» and to enter in the world of acceptance. So just start
    by saying greetings to the animals in the forest and your pets, and say
    hello to the constellations of stars at 11:00 PM, every Thursday and Sunday.
    Thank you for your understanding. 

  2. There are two major theories in progress today; the bible is a mythical
    book as are other pagan books; or the bible is consider as sacred as are
    the pagan books of non-Christian peoples. And this a major brake point for
    those who consider Christianity as an enemy of the religious culture of
    other nations. But a very true fact remains, and it is this one: either
    Christ is telling us the true or He is not? Well, for me it is easy to
    conclude, I don’t know about you?

  3. …The zeal for truth presupposes interest. Also sustained observation
    presupposes the notion. For concentrated attention means disregard of
    irrelevancies; and such disregard can only be sustained by some sense of
    Thus the sense of importance (or interest) is embedded in the very being of
    animal experience. As it sinks in dominance, experience trivializes and
    verges towards nothingness.
    The notion of a mere fact is the triumph of the abstractive intellect. It
    has entered into the explicit thought of no baby and of no animal. Babies
    and animals are concerned with their wants as projected against the general
    environment. That is to say, they are immersed in their interest respecting
    details embedded in externality. There is the merest trace of the
    abstraction of the detail. A single fact in isolation is the primary myth
    required for finite thought, that is to say, for thought unable to embrace
    This mythological character arises because there is no such fact.
    Connectedness is of the essence of all things of all types. It is of the
    essence of types, that they be connected. Abstraction from connectedness
    involves the omission of an essential factor in the fact considered. No
    fact is merely itself. The penetration of literature and art at their
    height arises from our dumb sense that we have passed beyond mythology;
    namely, beyond the myth of isolation.
    It follows that in every consideration of a single fact there is the
    suppressed presupposition of the environmental coordination requisite for
    its existence. This environment, thus coordinated, is the whole universe in
    its perspective to the fact. But perspective is gradation of relevance;
    that is to say, it is gradation of importance. Feeling is the agent which
    reduces the universe to its perspective for fact. Apart from gradations of
    feeling, the infinitude of detail produces an infinitude of effect in the
    constitution of each fact. And that is all that is to be said, when we omit
    feeling. But we feel differently about these effects and thus reduce them
    to a perspective. ‘To be negligible’ means ‘to be negligible for some
    coordination of feeling’. Thus perspective is the outcome of feeling; and
    feeling is graded by the sense of interest as to the variety of its
    In this way the finite intellect deals with the myth of finite facts…

    Excerpt ‘Modes of Thought’. Alfred North Whitehead.

    PS: はい、我々はここにいる 是的,我们在这里 да мы здесь כן אנחנו כאן
    Хэрэв тийм бол бид энд байгаа юм Ndiyo, sisi ni hapa. Yebo, thina lapha. A
    da muna nan. Ae ra, he konei matou. བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས Himu soohu,
    Kachina/Pahana. Koyaanisqatsi. ☉
    Ja, wir sind hier. Oui, nous sommes ici. Si, estamos aqui. Sì, siamo qui.
    Ja wir er her. Já, við erum hér. نعم نحن هنا

    ‘ᐅᖃᐅᓯ ᖅᐊᑕᐅᓯᖅ ᓈᒻᒪᔪᐃᑦᑐ’
    ‘Yes, We Are Here. Manifold from ‘Maniwhere’. Humanity is but a minute part
    of a Whole. Know so.’

    Be Well.

  4. What kind of disclosure is this, anyway — some guy disclosing his fetish
    for uncritically collected and photoshopped UFO-footage while playing
    omnious music?

    Weirder than even the weirdest alien. Not even frightening.

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  6. How the hell was Buzz Aldrin ever an astronaut? I’ve seen a couple dozen
    interviews with him and he’s always been a bumbling idiot who can’t even
    tell a coherent story! Either he had a stroke or something after getting
    back from the moon, or he’s simply an alcoholic and always drunk during
    interviews. He reminds me of my friend’s grandfather when he was beginning
    to suffer from Alzheimer’s and was still «there», but he was just kind of
    loopy sounding when he spoke. He look forever to tell even a simple story
    and was easily sidetracked and often went on random tangents.

  7. Anything that uses FOX News as a reference is totally not to be
    trusted!!!!FOX News is responsible many false stories. Why would the red
    party care about UFO’s in the first place but only to pull the wool over
    our eyes. Truth is not told to you, truth is realized. 

  8. the las thing uii give an item in the sky is relative peace. but when they
    come in peache is some wher divided in the sums of motion applicable to
    them. humanoid snakes are othere likely insuptuoious figures from rome just
    to japanese peoples. altho no special formations have ben geven the
    energetic spur that we all beleve in as there stil in japanese monolithics

  9. i have heard that oh yeah there is life out there i believe that but they
    haven made the jorney here. That is dumbest statement one could ever make.
    Trust me they been looking at earth for very long time before they ever
    could get here much like we are dong now, but I’m sure as soon as they
    could get here they make the journey. It our own egos that nothing can be
    greater then ourselves. 

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