UFO Documentary Alien Technology Will Blow Your Mind Full Documentary 2014

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Two bizarre ufo sightings submitted to Thirdphaseofmoon. John and Sherry Lyons While on vacation late October visit the sacred falls known as Akaka. Visited …

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UFO Documentary Alien Technology Will Blow Your Mind Full Documentary 2014: 50 комментариев

  1. Makes me laugh the way we can never give credit to our own inventions. We
    have to go and say that we ripped the idea off from others. Not alien. Good
    old human inventions! Also, if this stuff were alien then they didn’t
    exactly give us anything too advanced. We’re already nearly maxing out the
    silicone chip. Future stuff is set to wipe the floor with the silicone
    chip. Meaning alien ships are flying round with, soon to be, inferior tech.
    Sounds like horse shit to me. 

  2. Well I hate to break it to you guys but the «weapons race» created the tech
    we have today not aliens .All ya have to do is look at other countries and
    the tech they use to see that .

  3. It’s interesting to consider that, I believe, in this day and age a virgin
    birth through artificial insemination is an accepted given. The concept of
    genetically manipulating any creature through scientific methods is also a

    Now consider what would happen if advanced alien UFO cultures all agree and
    reveal to humanity that their THEORY of evolution is incorrect in that
    humans did not «evolve» naturally, but are the product of genetic
    manipulation from an advanced alien culture whom the Sumerians called: The

    What if they said that the «Star of Bethlehem» was actually a UFO drone
    ship stationed over the area where the artificially inseminated, hybrid
    human known to the world as Jesus was born.

    What if they used technology to show how the Red Sea was parted by parting
    the Potomac in Washington DC?

    How do you think the human race would react to such things? What if the
    aliens said that the only reason Mohammed was able to defeat the Meccan
    armies was because he was being supported by the UFO aliens who used
    advanced holographic technology to manifest a likeness of what he would
    consider the Angel Gabriel to him and give him the Koran, which has been
    corrupted by man throughout the ages.

    I mean, the blind faith in science of atheists would be COMPLETELY
    SHATTERED!!! When skeptic atheists find out the governments of the world
    knew this information and were keeping it hidden blind faith atheists would
    know for a fact that they were being brainwashed manipulated into believing

  4. With the introduction of the free ( internet ). the human Mind or ( DOOR
    ) has been open, and can never be closed again, only if its taken away by
    force and censorship, we must feed this open door with as much information
    presented, using discernment while trying to accept this new understanding
    that many is presenting, In the Bible it is written, that the end shall no
    be until the Angel of the Air has preached the word ( Thoughts ) throughout
    UP YOUR Hard Drives and storing up the WORDS for a remberance sake,
    for when its taken down, is time to kiss asses, goodbye. TeraBites is
    cheap now a days, ( Peace2UnAll )

  5. The debunkers are out for one thing only, to spark and ignite a
    conversation to see how many people understand the truth, so they can have
    a count as to how many people will be left on this dying planet to keep in
    control with the N.W.O. Life will always be better off with a higher
    intelligent race of beings that is willing to accept those who want to
    excel higher. We continue to live with liesssss, Start from the top, World
    leaders, Politicians, they all offer false gifts and broken Promises, your
    religious teachers need your Tithes to live on like maggots on a corpse,
    should I go on, no, the easiest way out, is to bury the Head in the ground
    like an ostrich and pretend the facts doesn’t EXISTS, I say
    2U, Peace2UnAll. 

  6. This documentary might as well have been a cartoon. Look at how it’s
    presented, with stock footage, interviews with random people as far as the
    viewer is concerned and computer animations for critical claims, stated as

  7. «They» always say that O.W.’s radio broadcast is the obvious proof that
    ‘Earthlings’ can not handle non-aggressive E.T Contact .
    But that was not an announcement of simple contact,….It was thought to be
    a live news report about the Earth being ATTACKED by Evil Blood thirsty
    ZZZZZAP !!

    You really can handle the truth ya friggin SHEEPLE !!…LOL !!

    Just open your minds and use some Gol Damn common sense.

    G’Night Ned.

  8. Why don’t we manipulate the system instead of them manipulate us? Since
    information is all out there? What are we waiting for? Use our God given
    common sense!

  9. Well, Scott…please stop using videos of someone else’s. A copy of a copy
    of a copy makes for very poor watching qualities and a lack of credibility
    on your part! Unwatchable.

  10. The problem with this » doc film» is that they have zero proof the USAF
    captured or found an alien space craft. Yes there are thousands of story’s
    about it but there are also thousands of story’s about smurfs and fire
    breathing dragons with just as much evidence, zero. Sure call me a Sheeple
    if you wish but it’s no different than believing the fucking internet lmfao

  11. Only people who see it will actually believe it. Worst part we have to deal
    with people who don’t believe us and question our sanity even if we have a
    video to prove them wrong.

  12. I know these video’s are very real because I have seen and am right now
    seeing these starships light beings etc..also I see the other ones that are
    called The Fallen Angels, I couldn’t care less who believes me I know its
    real they are real and soon enough they will make the closed minded ppl and
    scared of reality ppl believers because they are going to make themselves
    known wide open… That’s a factual fact….

  13. Seem to me they’re more every time we see them , they must build up a up
    army of UFO or what have u,The Groverment be often quit about all this
    ,must be National security

  14. To be honest mate , I have suffered watching a few of your videos and have
    come to the conclusion that they are mostly all staged or %100 FAKE ..You
    have never convinced me once .. why even go to the trouble of doing this
    nonsense ?? Get a grip and stop trying to brainwash people with your
    bullshit , ?? David

  15. This is another red flag. It sounds to me as if someone has already had a
    stroke. Thanks a lot but no thanks. Go find your self where you can be
    alone and play with yourself.

  16. First of all interdimensional is nonsense, second of all I deathly don’t
    know what that is and if it’s real it’s definitely a UFO meaning I don’t
    know what the hell it is. Alien origin? Who knows.

  17. The first video reminds me of the Maury Island Incident in Puget Sound from
    June 1947 — though the incident was a supposed hoax. It looks like slag
    being released by the UFO. I would love to swim in the waterfalls pool to
    try and locate that slag to analyze with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy.
    That would be interesting. You should attempt to dive and recover a sample
    Blake, you’re located in Hawaii no?

  18. Ohyessss!. K… Thanks for sharing this…. Whatever it is! What about
    going back digging in order to find latrines of late 1800 (you started with

  19. The first one was AMAZING! I’m not too sure about the 2nd one as I’m not
    really sure what I’m looking at, could be birds etc. Night vision always
    kind of loses it’s credibility for me as things can be added or subtracted
    effortlessly if it’s fake. Thanks any way.

  20. Uooo my experiêncie was just like that of the waterfaal, i saw like a shiny
    spirit with a giant human format marching on the sky, it looked just like
    this one, this after seeing closly an UFO, a silver object with something
    spining fast in the bootle, it was bizzare to see with my eyes never had
    saw something like that

  21. Maybe the «alien» wanted to show off his diving moves? Perhaps it was tired
    of being coupe in it’s dimensional spacecraft & wanted to have some
    «Earthly» fun? 

  22. I moved to. San Antonio a few years ng back. I have also been witnessing,
    and recording when I can, strange sky phenomenon. This however appears to
    me to be the vultures I see every afternoon circling high in the sky before
    roosting. October 4 was before time fell back so 5:50 pm there. Should
    still b daylight? 

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