UFO Documentary — Secret Access

UFO Documentary - Secret Access

History Channel.
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UFO Documentary — Secret Access: 25 комментариев

  1. 95% can be explained? LOL, MY MA FUCKIN’ ASS!!!!!!!!!! It’s more like 70%
    can be explained, which leaves 30% that can NOT be explained!!!

    I wish people would quit exaggerating!!!!

  2. So if this craft that flew over Arizona was not from outerspace, then that
    means our government in America has a ship that is bigger than a shopping
    mall and it fly’s silently.

  3. I have seen an identical triangular craft that followed me as well from MA
    to NH USA. I saw this craft on two separate days months apart. During the
    second sighting I stopped in a restaurant parking lot and I went inside
    then told the bartender what I saw outside and had him come outside to see.
    At that time a different triangular shape craft flew overhead at about
    200′. This is a real phenomena, it maybe some black project due to the high
    amount of goverment bases around the area. Why now and here if they had
    been there 25 years ago?

  4. I’ll be damned if the idea of UFO’s as hoaxes is in fact a real conspiracy
    — I mean, it’s the perfect cover-up

    How dumb does the Government think we are? I’m not going to buy some biased
    and un-investigated cover-up can theory. I want real answers. You can’t
    just dismiss thousands if not tens of hundreds of thousands credible cases
    backed quantifiable evidence offhand. You have the damn thing on multiple
    freaking radars and you still deny it? We as a society deserve a proper
    answer but they seem to be too scared to admit that in the whole wide
    universe there is other live besides us. 

  5. From what I understand, the Germans in WW2 were working on anti-gravity
    type of saucer-shaped aircrafts, but the U.S. took that information from
    them. Could the Germans have known something about extraterrestrials or
    were they developing it on their own?

  6. More government lies… for decades in a row… and there’s still morons
    who call this a Conspiracy THEORY.

    Radar tracks, TENS OF THOUSANDS of witnesses and they call it THEORY…

  7. There are simply no good reasons for the government to keep this
    information secret. Notice, I didn’t say they don’t have reasons, but I
    debate the strength of those reasons. There are so many benefits to our
    nation and humanity in general from allowing ultra-high technology to be
    accessed, from powering our homes and vehicles to medical devices and
    travel. In other words, there are far better reasons to allow most of this
    technology out, rather than keep it secret for what amounts to only selfish
    and paranoid reasons.

  8. The Earth’s surface is 71% water in surface area…..but the bio-sphere of
    the oceans is proportionally greater……..Many UFO’s are reported to
    become USO’s and visa versa. I am going to postulate something that
    probably sounds ridiculous…..but here goes…

    We as humans are NOT the only intelligent highly civilized species on
    Earth. I believe that the oceans and subterranean parts of the continents
    themselves provide ample space for the habitation of another even MORE
    technologically advanced species.

    Now whether this species has an earth bound origin or is originally
    extra-terrestrial I don’t know……but the evidence of UFO’s and USO’s is
    there………I am happy to be shot down in flames…..the one thing that
    is 100% certain…it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

    The movie «The Abyss» puts forward that concept…..I just believe it is
    far more wide spread than that fictional movie suggested

  9. The witness of Fmr Governor Symington is very important. I find his public
    ridicule in office wrong. But,the fault lies in the US public. The broad
    mass;so close minded,religious,and easily led,by the controlled mainstream

  10. Of course the Government doesn’t want investigations. Imagine it being
    revealed that the most powerful nation in the history of the world can’t
    keep control of its own territorial skies. Now imagine that being said
    about all governments.

  11. I’m wondering why that comet reached earth led to life on Earth???
    What’s really the reason that the astroid that hit Earth meant life project
    on Earth?? Especially human life??? I also think that UFO’s are more
    developed than humans, well I don’t think their mission to reach Earth will
    mean war between planet Earth and their home planet, also I think these
    UFO’s are aware of that our life project that exist inside our biological
    formate on Earth has a selfish soul.

    Maybe UFO’s see us humans as a part of Earth species that humans do with
    the nature on Earth. If the reason is to invade Earth,I think if UFO’s
    really want to invade earth, they would invade earth to use Earth to their
    basic way to look after energy if they will, because they seems havng a
    more developed technology comparing with humans. I don’t think UFO’s have
    more courage than humans, why is they not arriving on the ground??? UFO’s
    have been seen since thousands of years ago since ancient civilizations.

    Now we can imagine that God does exist, that some humans were revealed by
    the Angel Gabriel and that prophet Mohammad maybe heard sound of Gabriel in
    the desert, so think again, nothing is impossible! I don’t think that
    thousands of peoples in the several civilizations couldn’t realize strange
    energy that not existed on Earth used by prophets and that energy which
    existed before human discovering of these Abrahamic prophets all belongs to
    great God.

  12. Before I’d believe it’s aliens and after we rule out black military
    projects,I would believe these crafts are us coming from the future and
    that is good news.Because it shows that we did not nuke eachother.

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