UFO DOCUMENTARY. Unmasking an Extraterrestrial Presence

this is a documentary by greg mars, heres a link to his channel and the original video. UNMASKING AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE (FULL DOCUMENTARY 2013) i did …

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UFO DOCUMENTARY. Unmasking an Extraterrestrial Presence: 24 комментария

  1. What the govt fears is the technology these vehicles operate under. An
    assortment of symbols related to an ancient alchemy like practice. The same
    tech thats been deliberately removed from our historical record. If the
    people had access to free energy and this knowledge, the powers that be
    right now, wouldnt exsist and would lack the ability to cash in and control

  2. Video 01
    Answers of an alien from Andromeda — video one – September 10, 2010.
    Question — The planet Earth is undergoing a transformation in the near
    — Yes, Earth is on the threshold of a change of Era. All planets with the
    possibility of colonization have defined their eras of development and
    cyclical changes.
    Question — What is the origin of humans from Earth, and when did it really
    — The Terrain humanoid is a composite of various races of humanoids that
    were transferred from other planets that changed Era, allowing development
    on Earth that was in the beginning of an era ripe for colonization by
    humanoids. The Earth has many cycles of humanoid experiences, since the
    cretaceous period, around 65 million years. There are many threads in the
    doctrinal folklore that mentions these facts as exiled Chapel, descendants
    of Anunaquis, etc. In fact, all the different ethnic groups found today on
    Earth came from different places of the universe to live and thrive in this
    Era that is ending now, living on planet Earth with the sole purpose of
    integration in a larger community. Like the Earth, there are hundreds of
    millions of planets serving as a cradle of civilizations humanoids.

    Much loveto all Terran and Interstellar brothers and sisters,

  3. Oh bullshit!

    Stephen Hawking said it best in a nutshell.
    If the cosmic phone rings don’t answer it.

    What’s the first thing the Conquistadors did when they arrived in America?
    That’s the same damn thing that’s going to happen to us when
    extraterrestrials arrive on Earth.

    A sobering thought, isn’t it.


  4. I see now what they are doing. The USA it’s getting ready to fight them…
    But not to fight the real enemies. The evil «aliens» aren’t the ones they
    are preparing to fight, but the ones that will be send by our Creator,
    YAHWEH. This is the reason why Hollywood is out with their movies tellings
    us that «aliens» are our enemies. They are behind the disclosure at hand.
    It’s all a setup! They want us to think that we are finding this out on our
    own. But this is the reason why these «aliens» are showing themselves to
    the world as a evil force. They want to confuse us into believing that the
    ones coming, not the ones that are here are all the same. You failed
    assholes. We aren’t as stupid as you think!

  5. How can the government possibly reveal to the people that we have NEVER
    needed nuclear power plants to generate electricity because of free energy
    alternatives like the scientific creation of Nickola Tesla and
    back-engineered UFO technology? Supposedly, they have been sitting on clean
    energy alternatives while they use up every drop of oil they can pump out
    of the ground? THEY CAN’T reveal this to the masses! So, you can expect no
    disclosure from this greedy and corrupt government. Supposedly, they are
    going to wait for the UFO aliens to make their move before there is any
    «disclosure». Seems a wise decision except for one little issue…

    When dealing with UFO aliens that may be at least 4 to 500 years more
    advanced than us such beings could probably fake whatever news reports they
    like and have the world believe whatever they want the world to believe
    with programs the equivalent of Photoshop version 10,000. You’d watch the
    news and swear you were seeing a legitimate news report, with Diane Sawyer,
    only to eventually find it was all manufactured artificially. The suckers
    who blindly believe the media news would be ripe, brainwashed idiots ready
    to be scammed by such UFO trickery.

    No matter what they may say, I don’t see it as wise to blindly trust any
    UFO alien race who openly reveals itself to humanity. In one way or
    another, they will most probably take the America’s in the same basic ways
    the white man did; with lies and trickery. Seems that’s what the American
    government deserves, don’t you think?

  6. My wife went on a 5 day cruise with her girlfriends 4 years ago. I could
    tell as soon as she came back she was acting differently. She insisted she
    was ok, but it looked like she wasn’t telling me something. After 1 month,
    we found out she was pregnant. She really started acting differently at
    that point. about 8 months later, she gave birth to a baby boy. The baby
    shocked me when he came out black. They cleaned him up and he seemed to
    brighten up a bit, but he was obviously black. More black than a regular
    white/black child. For my wife’s sake, I said nothing at that moment in
    front of the doctor and nurses. When they left I almost slapped her.
    That’s when she broke down into tears and told me that’s why she was acting
    weird all this time since the cruise. She told me she and her friends were
    abducted two nights in a row by aliens and went through two torturous
    nights of being repeatedly raped by these black aliens. She told me she
    would get a dna test to prove it to me, but that would most likely result
    in the baby being taken by the government, as soon as they see it is half
    alien. My poor wife! she was hiding this horrible thing that happened to
    her….she took it like a real woman and didn’t want to upset me. I will
    never doubt my wife again.

  7. The footage from «The 4th Kind» isn’t something I would count towards
    aliens. I have seen that movie and it has footage of actual demon
    possession not aliens. I mean it’s obviously demons.

  8. Let me get this straight. There are aliens that are trying to put an end to
    Christianity. The world leaders are now promoting new age occultism. They
    worship satan at bohemian grove and celebrities and world leaders are
    Luciferian freemason and Illuminati satanists. LOL get your head out of the
    sand. Aliens are Demonic fallen angels. Jesus Christ free’s you from this
    Luciferian matrix.

  9. The UFO phenomenon are not ET’s from another planet, galaxy nor dimension,
    they are from Earth and they represent a whole new civilization,
    technology, consciousness, world and most of all they represent Allah and
    his Christ. These craft are tools that will be used to remove this world
    and bring in another world based on total obedience to Allah (God). It’s ok
    if you don’t want to listen to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan but
    you will run into everything he has said about these UFO’s and there
    mission. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of islam is the
    first to teach about these craft back in the 30’s for about 84 years now
    and the closer we get to the end of this worlds time the more we will see
    them with intensity and the increase in destructive weather around the
    world but especially in America and Europe. Everybody should study the
    Nation of islam theology and especially the part about these divinely
    guided craft. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that out of all
    the nine planet’s in are solar system 5 of the planet’s have life on them
    but the most advanced technology and civilization is on Earth. Satan or the
    wicked rulers of this planet have mastered most of the civilization’s of
    this Earth except that 1% that is divine and can’t be touched because they
    are all wise and powerful and have been waiting for the proper time to
    bring in a whole new reality or world.

  10. Why do people find it so strange that life other then our own exist in the
    universe?? it makes so sense at all.
    God forbid they are more brainy then us, should we contact them??? why
    would we need to, they have been here for a long time…what they are doing
    i have no idea??? its nice that they like Beef, their might be other forms
    of protein they might be after that might be more alarming. 

  11. Also if we are hybrids of Greys and Chimps combined,.. The way humans act
    in certain situations are also very alike the way animals such as chimps
    act,. Which is just more confirmation in my mind,. That could be the flawed
    part of humans,. How money rules all, and even considered to be more
    important than the health of people on the planet, and the damage to the
    planet itself is less of a priority. That way of thinking is actually just
    like an animal,. Anyone heard of the water car that was quickly swept under
    the carpet as soon as it was proved possible to create?, No money could
    ever be made from a car that ran off water alone. 

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