UFO Down to Earth — Dreamland (Paranormal Aliens Documentary)

UFO Down to Earth — Dreamland (Paranormal Aliens Documentary) Literally thousands of government employees are sworn to secrecy at the base called Area 51. Wh…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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UFO Down to Earth — Dreamland (Paranormal Aliens Documentary): 27 комментариев

  1. Many years ago I was up close and personal you might say with a ship and an
    Alien. I believe the being was a female simply because it had noticeable
    female features. And I speak of it’s looks facially. The rest of the body
    had no apparent male or female features that I could tell. I was on a
    holiday in Yucatan. I had just finished eating with some friends and went
    for a short walk alone at the near by tree line of the jungle that
    surrounded the immediate area..( probably 20 t0 25 acres) About 30 feet
    into the tree line I noticed a faint glow down an embankment where a narrow
    creek meandered by. The glow was behind a large tree and got a little
    brighter as I neared it. Suddenly I felt a burst of heat on my face and I
    tripped over a vine and landed by the base of the tree.
    The activity and my fall startled me. As I quickly moved to right
    myself, a small slightly iridescently lighted face was only inches from
    mine looking directly into my eyes. It moved almost instantly behind me
    and then to my front again with seemingly no effort.
    I was frozen with fear and tried to scream, but nothing came out
    except small gasping breaths of air. Suddenly over our heads, some type
    of bright disked shape appeared. I tried to move but was paralyzed.
    Seconds later I passed out.
    It was early morning by the look of the atmosphere above the canopy of
    the forest. I struggled to my feet and plodded slowly back to the
    clearing. As I reach the clearing, I began to notice a painful electric
    spasm in my lower back and buttocks region. OH DEAR GOD I’VE BEEN

  2. I’m more inclined to think that is human craft. And here I’ve met a grey
    alien. But frankly, most of what you actually see in the sky is humans.
    The technological disparity does not mean they are aliens. There is a
    secret space program, far ahead technologically while the majority of
    humans still think we need gas for cars. This elite faction of humanity
    is being assisted by shady aliens as well, IMO. 

  3. Gonna go ahead and say that is a GPS sattelite, which is actually just
    closer to the ISS, rather than being miles across, because it is very hard
    to judge distance in space, but an object that large wouldn’t be able to
    fly atmospherically without falling apart.

  4. I do not believe that this is a UFO. There is clearly something on the lens
    of the camera.@2:30 you can see the cloud shapes outside of the circle
    (ufo) but the shape of the cloud also continues into the darker area (UFO).

  5. aliens are a hue-man propaganda along w/ all religions. The «aliens» are
    the NEWER version of the old dogmas. Hue-man has eons of history & not the
    short crap timelines taught. All the monolithic structures around the world
    are from very long suppressed advanced hue-man history. The structures on
    the moon, mars & most likely on other planets are ALL hue-man built. Those
    battles written in dogmatic scriptures between gods & angels using virmanas
    n’-such were colonial battles between advanced «HUE-MAN» not gods or
    aliens. My point?! The powers to be want the world to believe in aliens but
    its all bullshit & ITS ALL HUE-MAN. 

  6. having never been aboard a space flight, I can only speculate here, but the
    «craft» may be a ;piece of chocolate or even human waste on the camera.
    However improbably that may be, it makes more sense than a five-mile-wide
    UFO hovering over the ocean for indeterminate reasons. (hint: if that WERE
    the case, do you think the world’s governments would just let it hover

  7. Too bad the ISS is a total fake sham, as in not real, phony, made up,
    digitally generated & manufactured psyop to deceive the ignorant masses
    into believing there’s a make believe «international Space Station» &/or
    «Space Program»… Which in truth is more like Programming your mind to
    believe and whole hearted buy into a false reality of the realm beyond our

    And you can get a good indication to the extent at which the false reality
    of space programming has been thoroughly successful, by noting that amount
    of people that may read a comment like is and «instinctively» deny,
    dismiss, reject, and or find unbelievable… But they’ll reach that
    preprogrammed & socially excepted response, without even or ever taking any
    real objective study into the history of the space program to consider the
    vast amount of evidence that is contradictory to the official story lines
    that most assume and believe as truth nor consider the overwhelming amount
    of videos and pictures of space, «the ISS», the Apollo «moon missions»,
    etc. which all show clear indications of an illusion, through various means
    of media manipulation (computer generated imagery, images and video shot on
    staged sets made to look as if & sold to the naive masses as actual pics &
    video footage taken from the astronauts upon the lunar landscapes, from
    inside the ISS «in orbit above earth’s atmosphere» and the many other
    subtle clues that plainly illuminate the media magick trickery… Though
    most are so well conditioned they will not allow themselves to even
    consider the plausibility of such deception, never mind the same powers at
    be have been shown throughout history to be continually found blatantly
    guilty of lies and deceit perpetrated against the masses.

  8. Look, NASA and our partner countries up there have a network of cameras
    (and radars) on the ISS oriented at various azimuths recording 24/7/365,
    just to find these things they know are out there. The footage is digitally
    scanned for anomalies like the big ‘saucer’. The question becomes why the
    leak….and where is the really good stuff. What are they preparing us

  9. that is one of them there «SPACE TURDS»…..Someone was using the shitter
    and flushed moments before ISS snapped the shot…if ya watch them clouds
    in the background,you will see the swirling motion of an intergallactic
    super flush and the turd definately swirls to the left…..DEBUNKED!!

  10. I’ve watched a few of your videos now. Starting with your video of NASA’s
    live feed of earth. Now I know why it was shut down, I loved watching it
    for hours on end. Anyway Subscribed!

  11. If you expect people to take you seriously, you should work on your
    spelling and grammar in the videos you post. Things like «not one of
    our’s» is wrong. «It’s size» is wrong. It’s extremely frustrating trying
    to watch a video when the words look like they’re typed by a nine year old.

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