UFO Encounters: The Wisconsin Sightings — FREE MOVIE

Wisconsin is second only to New Mexico in the number of UFO sightings. From Waupaca County to Dundee Mountain, the spacecraft seem to be everywhere in the st…

This video focuses on the role of NICAP in the investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects and features (then) Acting-Director Richard Hall.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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UFO Encounters: The Wisconsin Sightings — FREE MOVIE: 29 комментариев

  1. People that say «only way to stop it is calling out jesus name.» have
    researched this very poorly, there are many abductee stories where people
    claim jesus was with the little men and is a very spiritual experience they
    claim. Most cases are simply a mental thing and nothing more.

  2. This is amazing stuff. One thing for sure…The only way to stop an alien
    abduction is in the name of Jesus Christ which tells you quite a bit about
    the nature of some of these beings…. Also they are great deceivers….

  3. Well, I think that was the next presentation. As for those who do not
    agree, I believe that we are not the center of universe. There has to be
    intelligent life out there. The MSA recently released communication that
    was from an alien spacecraft.

  4. The new UFO docs are slapped together crap made by guys looking to make a
    quick buck off UFO popularity. Usually show a well known case or two,
    getting many facts wrong, and then having people walk through the woods for
    evidence they never find, doing stupid experiments or running around at
    night for no reason.

  5. hell he can,t even get a very well know case right, he calls the 5 or 6
    avengers planes jets, sorry they were prop,type with 3 man crew, some

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