UFO — Fighting Man( UFO Showtime).

UFO - Fighting Man( UFO Showtime).

«UFO Showtime»Live in concert, Wilhelmshaven, Germany May 13th. 2005. Phil Moog — Lead Vocals: Pete Way — Bass: Paul Raymond — Keyboards, Rhythm Guitars, Voc…
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UFO — Fighting Man( UFO Showtime).: 6 комментариев

  1. The greatest band ever,i saw them twice in Toronto in the 70’s and 80’s.Not
    only are they the best band on the planet,they are also the f***kin loudest
    band i ever heard.When we got home my ears were ringing all night.I seen
    Nazareth,AC/DC and Motorhead and they were really loud especially
    Motorhead,but UFO must have their amps turned up to 11 when i seen them.I
    love UFO and hope they come back to Toronto or somewhere like Buffalo or

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