UFO Files — Black Box Secrets — Pilots & Astronauts Sightings

This excellent documentary has been uploaded by several users, but I thought it deserved a high quality 720p HD upload! One of the better UFO docs I’ve seen …

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UFO Files — Black Box Secrets — Pilots & Astronauts Sightings: 25 комментариев

  1. What is really comical is that our lying ass joke of a government thinks
    that people are going to believe bullshit like weather balloons and
    reflections of the sun and any other crap they can dream up because they
    don’t want to reveal what everyone else in the world already knows and that
    is WE are not nor have we EVER been alone in the universe. However the real
    sad part of the entire UFO issue is that besides our U.S. government nobody
    else in the entire world believes a freaking word they say. Were it not
    that my brakes would suddenly fail on my car or I mysteriously would end up
    vanishing into thin air I would go on national TV and tell our country just
    how full of shit that the military and the government is concerning UFO’s,
    just to set the record straight NOBODY believes a word our countries
    leaders or professional bullshit artist whichever fits has to say about the
    existence of UFO’s or E.T.’s which are sooner or later going to make their
    presence known and make total ASSES out of our leader’s of our great nation
    but I hope that I am around to witness this so I can laugh in their faces
    and finally set the record straight but until then let them just keep on
    spewing out lies trying to get anyone and everyone to believe their

  2. its a security issue regarding planes, why cant pilots just take pics of it
    to back up what they see? Simple as that. Could be built into the cockpit
    with security codes etc so noone could get them, so it was not from a
    normal camera (easy to fake pics from personal camera)……. why not……
    Security first.

  3. UFO don’t want us Humans in Space why has NASA or Russia not gone back to
    the Moon they have Warned the Big Power to stay on Earth Malaysia
    airlines mh370 Was taken by UFO to warn the Humans not fcuk with their
    Space etc 

  4. these ufos might need food at the planets they visit. that means they
    might be willing to eat anything.. what if some of those alien abuction
    reports were true and people were eaten by aliens

  5. It’s funny how all these sightings don’t have pictures or video to prove
    them. I wish to believe they were true but anyone can call traffic control
    and make the story up. We need evidence. 

  6. LISTEN TO THIS at 10:15 Kenneth Arnold says «THE SECOND CRAFT FROM THE REAR
    HAD A MORE OR LESS CRESCENT SHAPE, and of course I kept mulling in my mind,
    that’s the damnedest looking AIRPLANE I ever saw.» What is important here,
    is that he says «SECOND CRAFT», This implies only one aircraft looked
    strange, and that the rest were recognised as normal aircraft. So even
    this, the so-called ‘first’ sighting of a ‘Flying Saucer’ has a logical
    explanation. This one is obviously a formation of US craft supporting a
    ‘Flying Wing’ Horton 229 (or similar) secret black project or captured
    aircraft from the Nazi’s in 1945. CASE SOLVED.

  7. With all the UFO head on sightings by pilots, why do the commercial
    airlines not also carry a camera in addition to the black boxes? I am sure
    the camera would also be helpful in other circumstances.

  8. If there is life out there, it’s unlikely that we will ever know it because
    the universe is expanding and they may no longer exist if do find out.
    Aliens would have to develop technology that allows them travel faster than
    the universe is expanding and would have to live for a long time (other
    galaxies are millions of light years away, enough said) because they aren’t
    traveling faster than the speed of light.

  9. Quite simply… The size of Ireland is 1/1000 the size!! There are small
    islands that still have never had fly overs by airplanes…. Does this mean
    they do not exist? And remember this fact… Ireland wasn’t
    testing/detonating nuclear weapons! Events that were probably very easily
    detected by any advanced intelligence! The U.S.A. had become a threat to
    the planetary & interstellar peace, so the alarms were raised! | » The
    children had found the matches! » =P

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