UFO Hidden Truth — Full Documentary. Best Ever!

This has been voted most popular UFO video. It really is the best UFO documentary ever made. Add it to your video library. I don’t endorse all that is said i…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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UFO Hidden Truth — Full Documentary. Best Ever!: 25 комментариев

  1. *It’s hard to stop talking against the bullshit of this society. You don’t
    have to keep yourself from doing it, but you will never benefit from it,
    matter of fact, the opposite. You will just lose your peace of mind and
    make people upset.*

    *If you’re ready to however, overcome the illusion **within YOURSELF** and
    fight against the bullshit within, be sure for a **huge mental struggle.**
    Are **you** ready for it? Step down the rabbit hole at truthcontest☼com.*

  2. @ James Evans: Obviously, your beliefs aren’t giving you any peace. Many
    have ranted and raged against God, and all have died. I would have to be
    100% sure to do that. If these aliens are so smart, why do they need to
    travel in metal vehicles? God’s angels never needed that. Where does this
    convoluted mishmash of a theory of yours actually end? With you living
    forever? Or just happy to die as the aliens (M)ine Earth and whatever? Get
    a bible, read it, and maybe tone down on the language, or have you no
    respect to anyone.

  3. Old hat — nothing new here….
    For all the doubters — Get yourself a degree in nuclear physics (or
    something of that ilk), join the military in an officer capacity as a
    ‘lifer’, obtain an ‘above top secret’ clearance, get a job at Dolce base,
    or Wright/Patterson, or Area 51, etc. Short of a U.F.O. landing in your
    back yard, maybe then you will discover the truth — THEY are REAL, and THEY
    are HERE! I have all the proof I need for myself. No one can convince me
    that what I saw with my own eyes was imaginary or made by humans — 3
    people saw it! I’ve watched a lot of these videos trying to find something
    that looks identical to what we witnessed in 1998 near Cleveland, Ohio — I
    haven’t found one yet, so the search continues….

  4. Cool illusionist actor producer radio guy orson wells he’s been on David
    Seth kotkin Christian illusionist copperfield CBS special event and on I
    love Lucy tv special and he’s been in movies even movie he wrote and
    Directed and produced and acted in copperfield talks about it on his CBS
    flying live the dream tv special 

  5. it.s not about being right or wrong or what’s ET or Military.. we all need
    to do research and come up with healthy and constructive argument to find
    our true truth and beliefs 

  6. commercials on youtube are ridiculous, they have 15 to 18 minute long
    commercials , and i WON’T buy any brand that knowingly disrupts my
    relaxation by blasting the volume up so loud you have to grab your remote
    and mute them anyways. what a pathetic joke these commercials are.

  7. most reputable ive seen on yt is recollections of roswell and a vid
    attached on the top of the sidebar. two vids of interviews done in 1990
    with the pilots, army officers who were (provably) stationed at the
    respective air bases in question; new mexico, et al. these men speak
    clearly about their memories and experiences without fanfare and wild
    digression. it is without the unnecessary special effects, music, and
    painful recreations which always spell bullshit to my mind. the ones i
    mentioned above are just raw footage. they substantiate older claims of
    craft retrieval, and bodies recovered.

  8. I stopped watching at the 7 minute mark because that is not what Flight 19
    transmitted before they lost contact. Why exaggerate? It’s not helpful and
    you lose credibility when you do that in these videos. It’s very hard to
    find a reasonable video on this subject. 

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    alien,interdimensional, and ultraterrestrial entities. Authentic
    pics/footage and facts about who and what «they» really are. Please join
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