UFO In Earths Orbit At Space Station, Nov 3, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Nov 3, 2014 Location of sighting: Earths orbit at ISS Source: NASA ISS HD live cam I was watching the live space station cam and noticed th…
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UFO In Earths Orbit At Space Station, Nov 3, 2014, UFO Sighting News.: 24 комментария

  1. Обращаюсь к специалистам по данной теме и к тем кто поможет мне сделать мне
    сайт и я покажу то о чем мечтало наша цивилизация.По мимо летающих
    объектов, а их на снимке более 13 есть и ОНИ снятые еще 2012 году. Извените
    ,что не опубликовывал тайна для одного всегда ценится выше чем публикация.К
    сожалению в это верят только те кто увлечен и имеет достаточное мировзрение
    в знании изучая космо т.е.галактику.Помогите мне сделать сайт для видио мне
    сегодня так хочется всех подевить. Готов спорить на миллион S. все равно
    я выиграю.Простите за бестактность но файлы ждут.

  2. Until ET’s press the issue and land a flying saucer on the White House
    lawn, our government(s) will continue to lie to us and call everything they
    find sun spots and swamp gas. Our Government is well aware of ET’s. What
    you should be worried about is why they are still lying to us about them
    almost 70 years after Roswell. Is it for our own good, or because they’ve
    made a deal with the Devil?

  3. Why aren’t these News Stories all over the Top of The News ??? Just last
    week even NASA «OFFICIALLY» admitted seeing a UFO the size of the Planet
    Earth fly into the sun, where it remained for a week, then it flew back out
    into outer space… Maybe it was a Fuel Stop ???

  4. Hello Scott, did some work on a screen shot and will post this enhancement.
    My impression is that this phenomena exhibits the characteristics of a
    built/material format Vs. holographic, etc., representations. Its distinct
    structural components contribute to this view and, for what it’s worth
    Scott, I believe you have identified and described this strange appearance
    quite accurately. Come to think on it, it looks like an Independence Day
    scout craft .. yikes!! Yes, that’s a good one then .. look for » Scott’s
    Independence Day Craft » and use pause/HD. Good Spotting Scott and thx for
    the sharing. / -Morbius

  5. Scott lol, thats a camera stain illuminated, them stains are there every
    day, sometimes the light hist one mark or the other, its no UFO no no no,
    Still your a top 10 channel, keep them coming

  6. It’s hard to say for sure but the object in question appears to be an alien
    (as in not belonging there) artefact on the front of the lens. The camera
    is moving therefore the glare created by the object changes in brightness

  7. Its a UFO only because it is unidentified, that’s all. Once again, its
    blurry, unable to be seen accurately. How convenient. There is so much
    space junk and equipment out there, the Earth is encased in floating
    objects. Just a reflection. Nothing new here.

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