UFO in space — Shooting with the ISS July 16, 2013

UFO in space - Shooting with the ISS July 16, 2013

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UFO in space — Shooting with the ISS July 16, 2013: 25 комментариев

  1. rlly? then what is it? its not a pixel. its a moving sphere . and how can
    it be there? in space? near the spacestation? and i can ask more. after
    all..nothing should move there in space except for human machines. so if
    something like this appears. aint human thing. its something else.

  2. its a normal star. most likely even one of our own planets -__- this
    recording is sped up 16X do you have any idea how fast the iss is going
    around the earth? this is just the iss rotation filmed in comparison to the

  3. Than what is this in your opinion. To me it sure looks like its a star, a
    planet or even simply an satellite. I don’t see anything strange. Not like
    the black night satellite. Come on guys lets be realistic and don’t jump
    the conclusions here. I have seen a lot of unexplainable things out there.
    But i only say its an UFO if its something i cant explain by simply
    thinking of the obvious . There is a lot out there but this isnt one of
    them. i am sure of it.

  4. I know this may sound outrageous and absurd… but what if it is one the
    tens of thousands of pieces of space debris that orbit the Earth since
    humans have a serious garbage problem in space as much as on the planet.

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