UFO is hidden in the Crater Manilius on the Moon 1968

UFO is hidden in the Crater Manilius on the Moon 1968

For More Exclusive Information on UFO https://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2014/10/un-grand-ovni-assis-sur-le-bord-du.html https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/lunarorbiter/frame/?3073 https://www.lpi.us…

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UFO is hidden in the Crater Manilius on the Moon 1968: 25 комментариев

  1. The fact that you found more recent images that don’t show this craft is a
    smoking gun. Another interesting point is that it looks very similar to the
    craft found on the dark side of the moon in another crater. Check out
    AS15-P-9625 happy hunting.

  2. The «highway» is something I can help you with. If you look at the area
    around it, you can see how the image was assembled from long strips of
    original image. As I recall, the TV scanner on the Lunar Orbiter went over
    the image and broadcast a video signal back to us. A long paper strip of
    photographic paper was generated in this way. The «highway» is an artifact
    of a dollop of black & white paper processing chemistry— most likely
    «fixer.» It is squeezed out between rollers and the long, linear shape is
    mushed along and mixed with the underlying developing chemistry. You can
    see the small, not quite regular whiter blobs that represent a chemical
    blob on a pinch roller going around and being deposited on the print.
    Again, as I recall the story of these prints— at a guess, on 4 or 6″ wide
    paper — they were carried out and thumb-tacked to a large wall and the
    press could then photograph it. Lots of wonky images were taken and spread
    out that way. This «official» image may well be the best, aligned edge
    image possible. I do not know if the scanners of the day were «very good»
    at their scan rate.
    Can’t help you with the «spaceship» those apparently stepped shadows don’t
    look right. But, I would compare this area with more modern imagery. While
    that seems to have been done, good side-by-sides are not here. (I said
    ‘good’ not what *is* here.)

  3. The shape of the so-called space craft puzzles me. It seems to be
    streamlined something not needed in space. The appearance of what is being
    called a cockpit also perplexes me does seem to fit ito the design of kind
    of ship. I tend
    to think it is wishful thinking on the part of the author of the article.
    I’m not a disbeliever of UFOs. I have seen several.
    Just the theory of what this might be just doesn’t ring true with me.

  4. Maybe the Gays was right, They been sowing Gay seed since 1968. Well maybe
    there will be a pick up point for you. To spread those Gay seeds across the
    universe. Here your way out. Thank God

  5. Hmmm. Grainy, low quality pics from almost 50 years ago show something that
    looks a little weird and can’t be explained.

    ‘Nuff said. It’s obviously an alien spacecraft.

    *rolls eyes*

  6. I tell you what I think. I think the U.S government has been lying to us
    for decades about something that everyone on this planet has a right to
    The most compelling aspect of this video is not necessarily the object in
    the crater, it is the fact that this object does not appear in later
    photos. This rules out the possibility that the object could be some
    natural geological formation.

  7. Today I seriously saw a Marshmallow cloud in the sky… it was real… and
    then I actually saw a cloud that looked like an island, so it must have
    been one… for real..

  8. Luna: misteriosa anomalia nel cratere Manilius. Si tratta di un astronave
    aliena, oppure di un effetto ottico? by admin

    Le immagini che vi presentiamo stanno facendo il giro del web e riguardano
    una fotografia scattata dal Lunar Orbiter 3 nel 1968 ci mostra un oggetto
    molto interessante sul bordo interno del cratere Manilius sulla Luna. Ci
    troviamo di fronte ad un veicolo spaziale alieno, oppure si tratta solo di
    un effetto ottico?

    Le immagini catturate dalla sonda ci mostrano quest’oggetto dalle
    dimensioni impressionanti che ci ricorda una vera e propria astronave
    aliena. La lunghezza stimata dell’oggetto, analizzata rispetto al diametro
    del cratere che è di circa 35 km, è di circa 11 km. Questo è un gigantesco
    veicolo spaziale artificiale segreto, oppure è un’astronave extraterrestre?
    Avremo mai delle risposte?
    Quest’oggetto tra l’altro sembra assomigliare alla famosa astronave
    avvistata sul cratere Iszak scovata dall’Apollo 20 in una delle sue
    missioni. Che si possa trattare di un oggetto spaziale molto simile? Oppure
    si tratta dell’ombra di una collina all’interno del cratere? Vediamo il
    video presentatao da UFO-Ovni Disclosure.

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