UFO Lou — ‘Super strange’ — ‘INTENSE FLASH’ — near 3 satellites!!

UFO Lou -  'Super strange' - 'INTENSE FLASH' - near 3 satellites!!

Description Recorded with a P8079HP night vision tube — Melbourne, Australia.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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UFO Lou — ‘Super strange’ — ‘INTENSE FLASH’ — near 3 satellites!!: 25 комментариев

  1. thats some great capture. By looking at the 2 satelights going in opposit
    directions…its like the flash was planned as the satelights came parallel
    in the night sky.

  2. Thanks for video. I have seen things flashing like this many times. Some
    stay in the same location for a hour or longer.I captured a few on film and
    i think they are huge alien crafts! I have a very good close up on one.
    Keep up the good work
    . By the way those clouds look like they have alien faces. That is a sign.

  3. Nice, I’ve taken a spotlight out with no response, have considered a laser.
    I live in an area where its pretty easy to get away from city lights. I’ve
    got a friend that has access to a lot of bright spotlights and we are
    planning to take them out to an open field.

  4. Nice work…amazing capture what looks like fast small meteor either
    skipping or entering the atmosphere but then again who knows??? Well done
    with all the other objects…like me would be great to have additional
    magnification in IR to make out some of these high flyers!! Keep them
    coming its now your time of year for clear skies , well you get clear skies
    most of the time anyways you lucky dog!!

  5. Wow! That was awesome. Nice laser addition too. Looks similar to Greer’s
    ET signal video.CSETI Night Vision Video — Flash Responds to Laser Signal
    in Rio Rico, AZ Sky — 2009

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