UFO MASS SIGHTINGS~Demons falling to Earth Or Angels Of Judgement?

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UFO MASS SIGHTINGS~Demons falling to Earth Or Angels Of Judgement?: 25 комментариев

  1. Here we are in 2014 and every time religious nut jobs are wrong about the
    end of the world dates, they either make a new death date or say no one
    knows when their god is coming.

    Why do you religious nuts want the world to end so bad? You are so
    brainwashed and conditioned with nonsense and fairy tales. Its funny how
    you nuts grew out of Santa Clause.

    I have no religion and I watch while all of you nut bags fight.
    I do not believe in Fairy Tales and gods, I am not even an atheist.
    I do not need a book to teach me to not kill or steal from thy neighbor.

    If you need a book to keep you in line or play by common sense rules, I
    want nothing to do with you.

  2. Hey guys this verse immediately come to mind: Luke 10:18 «I saw Satan fall
    like lightning from heaven.» Some of these sightings can have spiritual
    meaning. Watchout guys the end is really near so repent and believe in our
    saviour Jesus Christ so you may be saved and not condemned.

  3. They’re demons people please read the Bible…Jesus is almost here…you people
    need to get ready please…God bless you…all of you who are leaving comments
    on this Video…GOD bless you all…AMEN

  4. Demon (fallen without a body) The Fallen (the fallen angels) The Nephrim
    (hybrids) and yes, if you do your old testament research this would be
    rather evident. And can be possible. Everything in existence has some type
    of genetic/molecular code. Yes God, uses science and this is why it is
    important to mix the two. Nothing just happens by magic. It is even
    Suggested in the bible. God uses laws and principles of the universe
    (Scientific laws).

  5. ignorant. Demon is a evil spirit and spirits do not have a body. Aliens do.
    Just because they can walk through walls does not mean they do not have a
    body. just a different type just like Jesus could walk through walls and
    still be touched, so can aliens. And Jesus was not a spirit after coming
    back. If you are even going to go along these lines, they would be good
    angels and fallen angels. Please get your terminology right because you are
    making Christians look rather radically stupid.

  6. Ahem, going back to pyramids as you know man made pyramids with old school
    tools and ways as explained with many men and ropes and wood, so no aliens
    needed, unexplained objects not known by the army or men or scientist, how
    do you explain these to be things to be normal when the objects are not
    explained by normal people. I hate people that keep mentioning photoshop,
    there are many videos, pictures and articles about ufo and others not all
    of them are photoshop. thankyou.

  7. The spiral at 5:31 is a Russian ballistic test missile. It exploded shortly
    after it’s submarine launch. How it made the spiral; I don’t know. But it
    the Russian’s confirmed it after first denying any involvement after the
    Norwegians accused them of it. Unlike most people, I have a source, and
    here’s my source. tinyurl(dot)com/yerdxhq

  8. These are also are signs that the end is near — God’s judgment is coming
    upon mankind. THERE ARE NOT ALIENS PEOPLE — Don’t freak out!! It is God
    showing us that the end is near and giving people the opportunity to come
    to him and REPENT.

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