UFO ~ Massive Conspiracy all Times ~ Must Watch! Download it and keep it off internet!

Evidence of aliens and UFO video and pictures with G.Bush on testemony — his voice on the background. Please, from my heart , download the video and keep it …
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UFO ~ Massive Conspiracy all Times ~ Must Watch! Download it and keep it off internet!: 25 комментариев

  1. Here’s something for you alien believers. WHY on earth would an alien be a
    vertebrate? There is no way that intelligent life on other planet will
    evolve exactly the way it did on earth. There are just too many factors
    that came into play for complex life to evolve. If we ever meet an alien,
    it will probably have its eyes somwhere else and probably multiple eyes.

  2. You can hear it was altered..there is a change of ambiance..a different
    humming soun d and i can hear the clipping sound where it was cut.I hate
    Bush,but this is fake know this because my job is working with sound.

  3. It is by the sheer absence of ANY evidence to what is coined the «Missing
    Link» of Homo Sapien Sapien, that we are only left with a convincing theory
    that we are byproduct of genetic engineering! Evolution does not work for
    us. Sudden emergence circa 200k years ago from millions of years slowly
    grinding with the rest — impossible! Take one interplanetry visitor, mix
    their gene with Neanderthal, & hey-presto, you have a subordanate you can
    instruct & set to task! Devine intervention — 0 evidence!

  4. This is fake. It’s lies. The makers of this video have created it with the
    express intention of misleading their viewers. You may not agree with the
    words & actions of George Bush, but to edit and alter his speaches, edit
    and alter images with the intention to mislead is wrong. I’m sure the
    uploader will censor these words. There is more than enough disinformation
    out there, without you creating more just because you get a feeling of
    power out of it. If you value the truth, why spread lies?

  5. The intention that I made this short video it is not for view count nor
    votes and I want you to know I dont make money on youtube, I just want more
    ppl to know the TRUTH as it iwas it is and will always be in the future and
    not told to the public who have to go to work as a goat to be productive
    for NWO not for them selves. ‘You can fool some of the people all of the
    time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of
    the people all of the time’ was said by Abraham Lincoln

  6. i love this!! how did G Bush fakes speech edited so so good!!?? i mean, i
    was LMFAO!! oh oh, and the F16 with four engines, come on, photoshop right,
    but it does look convincing!! like C&C stuffs, Retro Sci-Fi…

  7. I dont get it , the us government knows about extra terrestrials, but they
    waffle about god and shit and use god as an excuse to inflict violoence and
    agression , we are on one fucked up planet.

  8. i noticed a fram wher an egg shape came out of a ufo thats wot i saw at 50
    feet in glasgow 1987 or 89 it was white 15 feet long 10 foot high aprox no
    sound no lights or windows i feel proud to have seen it but it scares me
    that they have super flight power

  9. If thus speach has been faked in any way, hats off to whoever did it cos
    it’s seamless and the sound levels are perfect! Thanks for this video, it’s
    another step closer to disclosure if all genuine

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