UFO? Meteor? Blast? Massive light flash over Russian Urals stuns locals, scientists (DASHCAM)

UFO? Meteor? Blast? Massive light flash over Russian Urals stuns locals, scientists (DASHCAM)

An extraordinary bright orange flash has lit up the sky in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region in the Urals. While locals captured the massive ‘blast’ on numerous cameras, both scientists and…
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An Archive Of The Best UFO Videos Caught During The Month Of September 2014, The World Is Watching! Electrifying UFO Sightings Captured During Major Lighting…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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UFO? Meteor? Blast? Massive light flash over Russian Urals stuns locals, scientists (DASHCAM): 50 комментариев

    put off seeking god any longer because soon everyone on the planet is going
    to realize we’re living in the last days. Every knee will bow before him on
    judgement day as it was told in the bible… life on earth is going to
    become unbearable as we progress into the events prophesied in the book of


  3. Now enjoy the internet show of Nibiru and alien fanatics going completely
    ape over this shit. This is obviously some phenomena like a meteor blowing
    up in our atmosphere or something similar to that, and soon enough it will
    be proven. Until then don’t even try and talk common sense with these
    fearmongers, until they can be proven wrong this is evidence of doomsday.
    Have a good laugh!

  4. Fairly obviously, it’s some kind of explosion above the cloud layer, the
    light being diffused by the cloud. I’d agree that it’s almost certainly a
    large meteor that burned up at a low altitude.

  5. UFO? Meteor? Blast? Massive light flash over Russian Urals stuns locals,
    scientists (DASHCAM)
    A huge flash lit up the early evening darkness, as shown by images taken
    from a dashcam on a road close to Yekaterinburg. Emergency services refuse
    to comment cause of extraordinary blast in the dark sky.

  6. The U.S. Military is most likely testing Project Thor, their new kinetic
    bombardment weaponized satellite armed with tungsten rods. Since it is a
    top secret program, I can only theorize. 

  7. (Please pardon my grammar, English is my second language)

    The way I look at people and ETs, is this, if you do not believe in life
    outside of our solar system, then you will stay firm in that believe, and
    nothing will change your mind. If an actual craft landed in your back yard,
    and the ET itself walked, crawled or flew out of there, you would still be
    convinced that it is just a secret gov project. Now about ET believers, you
    would believe you saw a alien ship every time you see something that you
    cannot explain. If it’s a UFO, it means that it is a Unidentified Flying
    Object (UFO), not a Extra Terrestrial.

    It takes a lot for me to believe that something that I see is actually not
    human made. Just because it looks like a saucer or a triangle, it has no
    meaning to me. We all know the government has Black Projects like the
    secret space program in which NORAD, DARPA, LM, and the USAF (I’m sure a
    few other Secret Agencies) are involved in. They work with very advanced
    physics, so I know by now, they have created some very advanced «space
    ships» that would absolutely look like «UFO»s. For me personally, there’s
    one way you can tell the difference. The silent hover? very possible for
    advanced physics to create a noise canceling engine (ION Propulsion??) so
    that would not convince me. Clear-like, almost invisible craft? That is
    also possible. NASA has been working on advanced mirror tech for many
    years. It would take live feed from the top of the ship, and display is on
    the mirror screens at the bottom, so it looks see through-ish.

    The only way i believe it would be something out of this world, is by the
    take off acceleration. They go from a dead stop to extreme warp-like speeds
    instantly, in a blink, or vise versa, from extreme speeds, to a sudden
    complete stop. Your body cannot withstand the amount of G force pressure,
    and it would squash your insides to nothing. A roller coaster puts out
    around 3-5 Gs on your body. Fighter Jet pilots handle around 8-12Gs during
    a hard turn at max speed. The most amount of Gforce a human body can
    withstand is up to 100g for no more than 1 sec. In the 1950s, a man
    withstood 46gs for only 0.4secs, that caused him to have severe brain
    damage, blindness in both eyes and temp hear loss in both ears. Blood
    rushed out of his eyes, he also had many issues with his body. It will
    start squashing your body like a little bug.
    To travel the universe, you would have to travel much faster than the speed
    of light, otherwise, it would take you millions of years to get to your
    destination. The speed of light is 186,000m/s, it travels 6 trillion miles
    in one year, the Gforce would be in millions/billions. Nothing we know of
    can withstand that amount of pressure. When i saw something hovering still
    above the park facing my backyard in 2008, and then out of nowhere,
    accelerate so fast that it vanishes in a blink, made me believe it is not
    of this planet. Physics as we know it cannot explain it.

    Famous (influential) people who publicly admitted they believe in alien
    jimmy carter
    Bill Clinton
    Al Gore
    Richard Branson
    Albert Einstein
    Stephen Hawking
    Bill Gates
    Ronald Regan
    Christopher Columbus
    Elon Musk
    Neil Armstrong
    Buzz Aldrin
    And many, many more well known government officials, Billionaires and
    Scientists who admit that not only do they believe in aliens, but they have
    seen them. This list can go on forever.
    As years go by and our technology gets better and better, we start to open
    more doors to the cosmos and we see and find things that we previously
    thought were extremely rare. Thanks to Kepler space telescope, we now know
    that every star out there has a solar system with at least 1, 2, 3 or more
    planets orbiting them. A lot of these planets are also in the habitable
    zone, (where life is possible). We also know that most of the planets we
    find are earth-sized planets, but even if earth like planet were very rare,
    1/1,000,000, that would still give our milky way Galaxy a Billion earth
    like planets. Signals travel at the speed of light, so If we pick up a
    signal from alien, the species that send it would be ahead of us by a long
    shot, between a few thousand, million or even billions of years ahead of
    us. This advanced society will be incredibly technologically more advanced
    than we are. There is a very common misconception about ETs today, don’t
    aspect them to be some soft, squishy, «movie looking» type of alien. If
    they survived that long, they will be machines, super intelligent machines,
    or just trans biological.
    In the last century, we went from dying of simple diseases, to replacing
    body parts with prostatic equipment. In the next century, we will have
    robots in our homes, healing cancel and AIDs. Imagine if we had a million
    or even a billion years to work with, what we could create, what we would
    When you see ants in your backyard, would you get down and try to
    communicate with them? Maybe aliens are not contacting us because we are
    like ants to them, they don’t see us as intelligent life, we have
    absolutely nothing to offer them. Or Maybe they are sending us messages
    right now, but they are so advanced, we just can’t detect them.
    Why do the smartest humans on earth, Scientist and Physicist believe in ET
    life?… Recent surveys conducted by many news networks and research
    companies, show that within the last 40 years, the believe in aliens had
    shifted more towards the believers than non believers. 65 percent of the
    population, believe that we are not alone now and that number is growing
    every day.

    I know this is very long, and if you read through all this, i thank you. I
    just felt like i had to say something because i get very upset when i hear
    people poke fun of other people who believe they saw a UFO, or who believe
    in aliens.
    This nation is Astronomically ignorant about the universe. I believe that
    media confusion, un updated textbooks, and Hollywood myth making have all
    played a role in this knowledge gap. Today’s kids are so focused on sit
    coms, rock bands and celebrities, that they are extremely miss educated,
    miserable and puzzled in classes. If you are one of the folks who makes fun
    of people who believe in aliens, i encourage you to please take a second
    look at the sky. Research the galaxies, other planets in habitable zones,
    and some of the recent discoveries, and if you still dont change your mind,
    maybe you will at least learn enough to stop making fun of the people who
    do believe. Any human who is educated with a reasonable intelligence, and
    has basic knowledge of Astronomy, knows there has to be life out there.
    After all, what’s scarier, that there is alien life, or that out of
    hundreds of billions of galaxies, trillions of stars, planets and moons out
    there, we are completely alone??

    My real name is Taras. I saw a UFO in 2008, and ever since then, I’ve been
    fascinated with Astronomy.

  8. In my version of Google Maps for the same street, the so-called «UFO
    Anamoly» did NOT appear at all. Did Google or the CIA/NSA/NASA rub it out
    of the video? Sorry Blake, but there is nothing on the current version of
    Google Maps for that street. 🙁 !!@@!!

  9. My question is this; if millions of people around the world have seen these
    things dropping other smaller objects down to the surface of the
    earth—where are they going? I wish the people that send these videos in
    would put in their approximate location and where they think the location
    that these things are dropping them at. Maybe someone could tie in to what
    kinds of bases are in the vicinity. Let us know where this is happening so
    someone can look into this further. Maybe even find another base of their
    activity on earth. You know they are underground all over the place.

  10. I had my first UFO experience today two massive diamonds came separate
    bright yellow and the other was red its was flicking then just went any
    ideas I live inrugeley uk

  11. I am a UFO believer and staunch advocate for the reality of this phenomenon
    and of alien presence on earth, but these type of «lights in the sky» at
    night videos from very far away are not going to help this movement.

    I wish this channel would stop uploading every piece of crap video and
    focus on only the most dramatic and compelling daytime, close up sightings.


  12. That was only a flock of birds reflecting the light of Venus through swamp
    gas.Since there is 100% no chance that there is life anywhere else in the
    universe (proven) it cannot be anything else except mass hallucinations
    brought on by excessive drug use.

  13. I’m still waiting on yall to answer some of my questions……. Why do you
    hide things from your channel? II thought you want to be a
    researcher……. Also, is Blake Cousins gay? Looks and sounds like
    it…….. You should not be that way it’s not normal

  14. Don’t be a fool… Everybody knows that «aliens» are really just demonic
    entities masquerading as «benevolent cosmic visitors»… And if you don’t
    already know that.. you are being easily deceived by a phenomena that by
    its very nature is deceptive (ie changes shape, changes form, shapeshifts
    from one form, shape, manifestation to another, is not forthcoming with
    its/their identity, hasn’t/doesn’t disclose its/their intention, reason or
    purpose for being here, etc.). ET — extra terrestrial aliens traversing the
    vast expanses of space, is a massive mind manipulation malicious lie built
    upon an entirely false reality about the true nature of space… All to
    make you think you’re not that important, thinking that «there’s a huge
    probability for a intelligent life forms on other planets»… And in truth,
    everyone and everyone’s decisions & intentions are much more significant
    then they may realize, in a great sense we are the center of the universe
    and there have always existed forces in the world that work through means
    of deceit and undetected to most, methodically inject their occult
    influence & belief system onto to the unsuspecting minds/hearts of people
    the world over, and lead them to increasingly more ignorant, self
    destructive and disillusioned ways & states of being.

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been
    ― Mark Twain

  15. I think ufos are just spunk from all the wanks from all over the world. You
    see the spunk shoots out and people catch it on video. My mate Danny gane
    said once a ufo went in his bum. I told him it was just his dad. But he
    said it can’t be cos his dad was at work. The next day he was all gay and
    touch me. And he had a mark on his neck. Must of been a ufo. 

  16. pouhahahaha ce ne sont pas des UFO mais des expériences militaire en plus a
    11’25 sur la video deja etait prouver sur des sites que c etait une video

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