UFO Movie Trailer (2013)

UFO Trailer «Try to remain calm» ! Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bianca Bree, and Sean Brosnan Join us on FB https://facebook.com/FreshMovieTrailers & http:…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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UFO Movie Trailer (2013): 25 комментариев

  1. What a crap movie this must be. The special effects budget couldn’t have
    been more that about $6. Horrible acting and a laughable screenplay. The
    only place you’re going to see this is in the $1 dvd bin. 

  2. Terran xenophobia: they’re here to steal our resources, rape our women, eat
    us alive and raw!

    Uh, no. Why would any sensible star-faring race want to steal resources
    from a third-rate planet at the bottom of a gravity well? Why not simply
    take them from any of the gas giants or asteroids? Much simpler and cheaper
    to process raw materials in space.

    Rape our women? Why would an alien feel desire for a human female? Is it
    because our women are so irresistible? Uh, no. Especially if it’s an alien
    with scales, fangs and claws. (How do you operate those
    technically-advanced ships with such a bad manicure?) It’s seems more
    likely that a female alien (or third, fourth, fifth, or sixth gender) alien
    would be more of a turn-on.

    Eat us alive and raw? Hmm, that would imply that their metabolism was like
    ours and we can eat THEM. I wonder if they taste like chicken? (even
    rattlesnake tastes like chicken) No, seriously: identical metabolisms would
    be like winning the Powerball, having an asteroid fall on your head, and
    getting Christina Aguilera’s private cell number all on the same day. Long
    odds, in other words.

    Short answer: because if bullshit Hollywood screenwriters actually had to
    THINK about physics and science and genetics, their heads would explode.
    Creative writers (which, sadly, includes SF screenwriters) don’t study
    science. They study writing and what sells on the big market. What sells?
    Bullshit, mostly. 

  3. War, War and War again, and again, and again….
    It seems you cannot imagine anything smarter than that…
    Oh, sorry… you have to make your brains «work» to make something smarter
    without war. Poor people, it’s so easier to just imagine attacks, isn’t it?
    A space-travel capable civilization would never come to earth to make
    war… For to be able to make that space-traveling technology, needs
    scientific minds. Scientific minds would never threaten other civilization
    just because they understand why. Anything other than scientific minds
    (like aggressive war-addicted minds) would never get close to that level of
    understanding of the universe, just because their level of consciousness is
    too low to achieve something like that.

  4. I am watching this movie right now and OMG. what the hell is that? you
    cannot call this a movie it is just junk bit and pieces of anything 🙁
    thank god I did not pay a penny in this shit 

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