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  1. UAV ?,it doesn’t do anything to suggest it is not a subsonic aircraft.It
    appears to have a fuselage with some type of control surfaces,the distance
    would make it very difficult to make out its shape,but why the low
    resolution?[don’t blame youtube]to hide the truth?Red Flag exercises are
    not shot with low resolution video.I would have to agree,lack of any follow
    up and all the people talking[somebody did editing,multiple
    cameras,audio],where were they? the mobile threat radar units are small,so
    whats with the party of people talking to each other?Sightings TV program
    ?,isn’t that convenient,they Sold the tape or tapes supposedly to Paramount
    studios.Too many unanswered questions and by now somebody would of said
    something,why?because,no secrets are given away,its not a flying
    saucer,their is nothing to hide,you can’t see the aircraft.Why would
    anybody be reprimanded for showing a blob on the screen.Its just doesn’t
    add up,the blacked out faces,distorted voices.Good old fake for TV and the
    good old UFO craze.

  2. See how it changed shape. I thought about the way this craft moved..and it
    moved like your eyesight moves…so maybe this was remotely controlled by a
    single pilot by just moving his eyes and the craft responding to sight….

  3. it makes erratic moves. no man made craft can make such erratic moves i
    presume. i’ve never seen such chaotic maneuvers, they simply make no sense,
    even if the craft was a remote controlled drone. although i’m a skepic, i
    think this footage is legit.

  4. Whoops! My comment was made before doing any real research & I apologize
    for that. The most interesting thing about the video is not the craft
    itself (because it’s so difficult to make out) rather the rangefinder data
    on the camera & the transcript of the audio from the officers who witnessed
    this. W/that in mind, it makes the footage 100 times more interesting. 

  5. We could take this and copy the image,at key points,then put it into a 3D
    program and get a good estimate at it actual airframe,which may give us a
    clue to what it is,fake,military or ?

  6. ,I was watching a small electric ducted fan aircraft,it was VTOL,if you saw
    a larger version flying,from a short distance away,it looks like nothing
    you have ever seen flying.This very well could be a early UAV that went out
    of range,if this had been anything really out there,I would have expected a
    follow up story by now,especially within the UFO community,they seldom let
    anything go to pasture.We need some interesting news on advanced
    technology,I’m tired of hearing about shootings,stabbing,enough already.

  7. My problem w/this video is that EVERY SINGLE light source is so blown out &
    exaggerated that it’s not an accurate depiction of what the craft actually
    looks like. Any aircraft w/several brightly lit light sources is going to
    look odd when filmed w/this type of lens/camera. 

  8. It looks almost like infared,that would explain the dark area,that could be
    the exhaust outlet.using Black hole technology[name for exhaust heat
    supression]used on gas turbine helicopters.This could be a jet powered UAV
    My cousin was a radar tech in the air force I should hit him up for some
    answers,but the fact nobody is talking,and no follow up information,it
    put’s a cloud over this video.

  9. Ok, I really can’t say what this object is, but based upon the data on the
    screen (…and provided it’s not faked, and I can see where it easily could
    be) the object does move away from the camera at incredible speed. There
    are approximately 1610 meters in one mile, and at around 0:56 the RNG
    (Range) in the to right corner moves from 14,000+ and to 27,000+ and then
    to 31,000+ almost instantaneously. Interesting.

  10. Anyone who believes this was man made has clearly no understanding of
    inertia. The amount of inertial force that would be produced by those
    manoeuvres would would rip a a linear vehicle apart

  11. Well, if they can actually confirm that it traveled 12 miles in one second,
    that is definitely not human technology (nor would any human be able to
    stand that G force). I must say its movement is similar to the pointer
    movement by a computer mouse. Just imagine, if we could «virtualize» the
    universe, we could travel between points with the click of a mouse!

  12. This UFO, or whatever it is, seems to be traveling pretty stable (with the
    ground still in sight). It’s not until after the ground is out of site that
    it starts moving erratically. In my opinion, I think it is whoever holding
    the camera that is making all the sudden movements. Why isn’t the object
    moving erratically during the first minute of the video (when the ground is
    in sight)? Yeah, it’s a plastic shopping bag from Wal-Mart! (I hope, I hope
    they’ve not come here to eat us!)

  13. The rangefinder data here is truly weird. At around starting around 0:32,
    the rangefinder jumps from about 7,480 meters to 12,470 meters — a nearly
    3 mile jump in just a couple of seconds. Later at about 0:57 the range
    jumps about 11 miles — again in about 2 seconds. Then again at about 1:10
    from roughly 32,000 meters to 9,000 meters — a 13 mile leap — in less
    than 2 seconds. Jump #3, 13 miles, oh, say 120,000 MPH or so. Remarkable IF
    the rangefinder is correct.

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