UFO News: Amazing UFO Photos Taken In La Crosse, Wisconsin.

UFO News: Amazing UFO Photos Taken In La Crosse, Wisconsin. Other UFO videos: Strange UFO Sounds Heard Over Queens, New York. (Part 2) https://www.youtube.co…

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UFO News: Amazing UFO Photos Taken In La Crosse, Wisconsin.: 25 комментариев

  1. I think they are really close to declassifying this craft to the public.
    It seems like they are flying this thing over populated areas more & more.
    One of the first one’s during day light hours. Crazy, can’t wait!

  2. I think you have the first photos of the SR 91 AURORA. It is a new combat
    plane developed by DARPA an Lookhed Martin. It is flies match 9 or 11 and I
    do not if it is a drone or it has a pilot. Nice photos. 

  3. I am a six year navy vet with some degree of training when it comes to
    identifying military ships and planes. In the fall of 1989 I was on leave
    back home in Cleveland Ohio when I saw three triangle objects flying in
    close formation. I knew instantly what they were and what they were not.
    They were roughly 20 ft. In length each and at an altitude of about 2,500
    ft. They were completely silent and moving at about 5 kts. Not nearly
    enough airspeed to create enough lift to keep any craft that shape airborne
    even with today’s technology. These were not balloons, they were rigid and
    being flown under intelligent control. A perfect triangle formation at a
    consistent course and speed. They were headed in the direction of NASA
    Glenn research center just outside of Cleveland. It’s my opinion that if we
    had this technology in 1989 that we would be using it in military
    applications today. Trust me, we’re not.

  4. Well the strange humming sound is always connected to ufos and that’s
    clearly a V Shaped craft I can compare this UFO to the Belgium UFO back in
    1989 witch was also a v shaped
    Craft extraterrestrials are visiting us and the person who took the photos
    should take more if this UFO comes back this would be the proof and report
    it to MUfon .

  5. The only thing i can think of or see (Besides if its ours)… is that they
    use the water ways — i.e. Mississippi river as a map or they use the rivers
    to travel underground?
    I don’t know but some pics look fake — you never know but they are amazing.
    Great amazing catch.!

  6. they will never disclose ET’s or ufos to us unless its a false flag Alien
    invasion if you want to know more about many things that do exist and
    earth history google etc 777ALAJE he tells us the truth about many things
    in each video . this video looks very similar to the tr3b made by reverse
    engineering these shapes of crafts tend to be the dark ones spaceships like
    the illuminati government 

  7. I experienced the exact same thing…20 years ago !!!! I was sitting in my
    living room in Barlow, Ohio when every window in the house began to
    vibrate. It was about midnight. I ran outside and looked up to see 3
    intense green beams of light coming down to the ground in a triangular
    pattern. As I stood next to my garage, I realized the buzzing sound I was
    hearing was the window panes vibrating like a reed in a sax or clarinet.
    The craft hovered above the tree tops about 500 yards from me then began to
    move slowly to the west. At that time I felt the vibration in my chest,
    similar to standing in front of a bass cabinet at a concert. I actually
    became dizzy and disoriented from the sub-sonic vibration. I believe that
    it was an anti-gravity device on a huge scale, perhaps the size of a
    football field.

  8. Keep in mind the F 117 sealth was flyimg 20 years before the public knew
    about it. At that time would be classified as a UFO. So with reversed
    engineered propulsion systems,this could very well be an area 51 thing,or
    black op’s. What we see today is 20 to 30 year old technology. so what we
    really got?

  9. I hate to say it, but these photo are almost TOO GOOD! Too good to be
    true, that is. IF these were the real thing, they would indeed be in the
    category of some of the «best» UFO photos taken in recent memory. Could
    this be the real Triangle UFO thing?

  10. I can’t say if these photos aren’t doctored but if they are legit its very
    impressive. I would associate the design more with a reverse engineered
    craft. Mostly because it has a more angular, wedge shape. Which is more
    reminiscent of conventional air craft. I associate the stream lined saucer
    shaped craft with extraterrestrial or future origin. For what that’s worth,
    write it down and burn it. lol

  11. Aww we have clear pictures I like it. It seems legit, It’s fucking awesome,
    whether It be the shadow gov’t test flying some reverse engineering or
    ET’S here for a Visit,.

  12. Great photos. Pretty sure these things are ours. Saw the same lights north
    of pecos Texas about 1/4 mile from the road and totally silent 5 years ago.
    Watched it fly sorely all the way to the horizon then blink out. 

  13. Aliens look like us, and we been infiltrated ( Governments mostly) So its
    hard to distinguish who is who. People think alien invasion is by little
    gray beings NO NO NO, They are here already been here a while , Human
    Technology in a little over 100 Years from Horse and Wagons to todays tech
    ? You do the Math , Again they or we look a like , Great Pics. 

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