UFO News: Multiple UFO’s Filmed By The International Space Station.

UFO News: Multiple UFO’s Filmed By The International Space Station. This could be one of the greatest UFO videos of all time. Other UFO Videos: UFO Filmed Ov…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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UFO News: Multiple UFO’s Filmed By The International Space Station.: 12 комментариев

  1. Hi, Iam Rodrigo, Now is 6th May, I saw it at approximately 03-15 PM at ISS
    Stream video, exactly 30 minutes before posting this review, I found this
    video because I was looking for some like my post sighting… Believe me, I
    saw something exactly like this.

  2. Simply amazing footage caught right here!!!! They were def curious about
    that ISS! Then maybe thought the arm coming out was a weapon of some sort
    and took off, but then it looks some stick around just to see it for a bit
    then take off!!! Kick ass VID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It’s called hard disclosure. The time for soft disclosure is over. We have
    reached a critical mass as a species. The truth of our reality is becoming
    a movement of infinite force. Everything from our 13 millenia suppression
    of knowledge and genetics to the systematic hiding and destroying of
    abundant, renewable, non-combustion energy sources.
    All barriers are about to fall. Truth will be the most populat word in the
    coming days.
    Remember it’s all about love and we cannot fail. Namaste.

  4. At the very least, visually provocative(provided it is genuine raw footage
    of course, and that’s a big proviso). Do we know the date of this footage?
    I must admit though that I am always a bit surprised(pleasantly) when
    possible UFO video/photos make it past the ISS feed lag time (which could
    workably provide a NASA/Gov. filtration of «sensitive» phenomena for the
    public eye) off the NASA media. Sweet graphics and music on this vid by the
    way! Not really waiting on or trusting ANY govnmt. agency to break the REAL
    news that we have known for some time now. Mahalos for the post all the
    same and thanks for adding to the search!

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