UFO News: UFO Mother Ship Seen On Live TV In Erie Pennsylvania. 3rd One This Week.

UFO News: UFO Mother Ship Seen On Live TV In Erie Pennsylvania. 3rd One This Week.

UFO News: UFO Mother Ship Seen On Live TV In Erie Pennsylvania. 3rd One This Week. Other Mister Enigma videos: UFO News: UFO Caught Desending On Live French TV.

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UFO News: UFO Mother Ship Seen On Live TV In Erie Pennsylvania. 3rd One This Week.: 25 комментариев

  1. What do I think? I think that they’re sick and tiered of waiting for our so
    called leaders to introduce them to us and show themselves on live TV, so
    that their presence can no longer be denied. They are our Universal family
    and come in Loving peace, unlike those already on Earth for thousands of
    years, who enforced false religions, wars for population control and
    various languages for separation between the human family. The time has
    come and it’s way overdue. 

  2. You ask- what do I think?
    Well, Im hoping something significant to alleviate this unusual feeling all
    around..almost like being caught up in an alternate timeline. I want to

  3. I’m certain they are «the good guys,» here to save us from the dark cabal
    that has kept us in poverty and slavery for countless years, while they got
    rich. Our earth has been in the process of the preliminaries of a complete
    pole shift, and they will save us, while the current «powers that be» want
    90% of our earth’s population to die, while they shelter themselves (at our
    expense) in deeply buried tunnels/bunkers. Many years ago some of our
    military DID shoot down UFO’s and then «reverse engineered» them, so they
    now also have «flying saucers» of their own.
    . But the countless «UFO’s» that are now in orbit around our earth in
    LARGE numbers will SOON be able to safely land and make themseves
    personally known, because I believe there is no way our earthly governments
    would be able to «take on» the Starfleets from across the whole galaxy (or
    further). These «powers that be» here on earth surely are completely aware
    of their current presence. And I thank the Hierarchy of Heaven for their
    help at this time!

  4. Perhaps they are very much concerned and observing what’s going on their
    after all extraterrestrials guided China’s emperors thousands of years ago
    they guided emperors Quan-D Emperor shiannan emperor cangasgon so it’s no
    surprise that Ufos are observing china. 

  5. The funny thing is why didn’t the news agency see the UFO d why didn’t they
    talk about it maybe they were not paying attention and I think that’s.
    Clearly a UFO you can see the wide disc moving side to side .

  6. I have been having vivid dreams about them coming. Almost like I was there.
    Scary for many and a new beginning for a few. Don’t know what to think
    about it. Same dreams every night.

  7. if they landed and asked «who wants to come with us»,how many people who
    are fed up with the way this world is going,would jump at the chance,i sure
    know i would.

  8. I think they are Considering whether to allow us to keep going on as we are
    .Over the Years they seem to have had a lot of Patience …That may be
    running out ,Because the Earth is in a Mess with Wars .Greed and such Think
    about it ..We are a Dangerous Species… So if they are Real Would’nt you
    keep your Distance ?

  9. Incredible. Just incredible You could even see the rivets on the thing. I
    bet the cock pit (OMG — He said Cock) holds several thousand Aliens and is
    likely landing in Brownsville Texas along the riverbed. I’ve never been so
    scared!!! Hold me!!!! 

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