UFO News: UFO Over Hong Kong Protests. (Smoking Gun Footage)

UFO News: UFO Over Hong Kong Protests. (Smoking Gun Footage) Other Mister Enigma videos: Ghost News: Ghost Caught On Police Security Camera In New Mexico. Se…
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UFO News: UFO Over Hong Kong Protests. (Smoking Gun Footage): 25 комментариев

  1. Something big is in the works. The world is in a state of disarray,
    strange diseases are spreading and our financial institutions are
    collapsing. Something big is about to happen I can feel it. I know many
    of you guys can sense it as well.

  2. They watch us day and night. Study and examine the way we live. Learn,
    acquire and evolve what we invent. Only a few know about them. Others, say
    it’s only the crazy who ever been around them. Expect the UNEXPECTED!!

  3. you can bet your bottom dollar, if one mainstream media camera was on that
    scene, 10 were, and somewhere there will be perfect h.d footage, I’d love
    to see that.

  4. It’s strange how when it takes off upwards it does not go perfectly
    straight up, it seems to waver left and right, odd for a craft that can
    travel through the universe at speeds we can’t imagine. You’d think they
    would have to be pretty stable when it comes to maneuvering.

  5. Why did it just fly down to a building then shoot off? looks like they just
    poped out for a joy ride or smit, like they messing around lol , you see it
    all over the place 

  6. Amazing now that the phone is a mobile recorder for people it is very Star
    Trek like Tricorder»»Tool «»» it is has been able able to video tape record
    X-files phone video footage that is appearing everywhere in the world all
    the time, the amount of footage has increased now»»»to levels that is
    staggering. That is the real footage like this one.

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