UFO over Busan, South Korea

UFO / OVNI / НЛО / Busan, South Korea . «xxxdonutzxxx — latest UFO sightings» has finished the project on YouTube. Audio Color World own all distribution rights of the uploaded videos on…
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UFO over Busan, South Korea: 25 комментариев

  1. This is a good catch..the vid is suprisingly good quality considering it is
    hauling ass…and definitely not a drone or a Cessna…caus of the good
    close up..

  2. Cant tell these days if its real or fake. What you can tell if real, is its
    going super fast and is very big given the clouds in the video. If real, it
    aint no toy, it aint conventional aircraft. Possible military X plane, but
    it seems to fast to be a Jet.

  3. Yes I’m very sure that’s not a ufo, on my days off I stargaze and video
    ufos myself, I have some good video, oh I’m also stationed at Nellis Air
    Force Base

  4. From 0:27 to 0:30 it looks like it just flies out of sight at a great rate
    of speed.Much faster than any radio controlled prop plane could achieve at
    full throttle.Very interesting video.Looks real but since a skilled cgi
    artist could fake anything on digital video its very difficult to know the
    truth anymore especially when it comes to youtube and the massive army of
    UFO/Alien hoaxsters it has produced in search of views and profit.

  5. Formes d’Ovni déjà vues dans des vidéos Nasa années 60 ou ruines Vaisseau
    Spacial en mer Baltic. De nouvelles vidéos sur les Ovnis arrivent tous les
    jours, à Suivre °^*

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