UFO Over Houston TX Sways Public Opinion — KPRC

August 12, 2014: Pictures of what look like a UFO stir up interest across the Houston area. Ryan Korsgard reports. Source= https://www.click2houston.com/news/…
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UFO Over Houston TX Sways Public Opinion — KPRC: 25 комментариев

  1. it is the highway light. I live here, and the ufo is the exact shape of the
    highway light fixture. The bright ‘blown out’ light at the top of the pole
    is actually a ring of lamps — every 4 lane divided highway intersection
    has these fixtures. And this photo is an exact representation of the blown
    out lights on the pole. It is caused by internal reflections off from one
    or more lens surfaces.

  2. Tell me something, everytime someone sees UFO’s, why is it allways in
    Texas? Ohh, its because UFO’s just travel in north american skies… Yeah,
    cool story. Now study some astronomy. It is highly probable that extra
    terrestrial life does exist in fact, but outside of our solar system, and
    so far away that we are not just separated by space but also by the TIME
    barrier. It is physical impossible for us to have a real time contact.
    Information CANNOT travel faster than light. End of story.
    Extra-terrestrial life probably exists but this, for sure, wasnt the case.

  3. A photo? man that’s the easiest thing to edit. A couple of minutes in
    photoshop should do the trick. The universe is huge, sure. There might be
    alien life somewhere. But here? nah

  4. why would aliens fly in a circular spaceship? just because that’s what we
    see in movies? whay wouldn’t they have spaceships just like ours? if there
    was an inteligent civilization in outer space of course

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