UFO Photo and Video Anomalies by Marc Dantonio

UFO Photo and Video Anomalies by Marc Dantonio

Everyone loves a great UFO photo or video. But is it a UFO or is it something else? This presentation focuses on the need to critically look at UFO photo and…
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В сети появились фотографии неопознанных объектов на фоне Земли. Возможно это космический мусор или обломки. Но некоторые формы уж больно похожи на инопланет…

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UFO Photo and Video Anomalies by Marc Dantonio: 10 комментариев

  1. The real pictures of flying saucers are usually sequestered that why we
    only have garbage to look at. Just because someone said it look like a ufo
    does not make it a ufo but if want to see real ufos and I mean metal body
    alien driven ones just get some good and I real light amplifies not cheap
    IR type night vision goggles and go outside of any big cities at night and
    start watching the sky. you wont believe what’s flying around but you soon
    will become a believer. 

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