Ufo Real?

This Guy Can call Ufo. This is Real?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Ufo Real?: 25 комментариев

  1. News guy at first: so your able to summon UFOs and shit? Yowai: ye. News
    guy: mmmmk ya right lol. Yowai: i nao pray tu lerd xenu to send us some new
    seasons of xfiles. News guy seeing UFO: JESUS CHRIST ITS REAL!

  2. 1,500 wheels. Just as The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught in the 1930s
    and Minister Farrakhan teaches us today. This brother bears witness there
    is no god but Allah. Allah is showing His wisdom to this brother. 

  3. Call a Demon and GET A DEMON.
    Nothing «new» here. Perhaps this Bozo has made a Pact with the Devil
    without knowing it. Either way, he’s in BIG Trouble and needs to see a real
    Christian Pastor to end this! He’s far too stupid to do this alone.
    A lot of people have gotten into similar trouble just playing with Ouija
    «Stupid» is not an valid excuse and will not save you from repercussions of
    your errors.

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