UFO Recorded On Air France Plane October 2014

UFO Recorded On Air France Plane October 2014

This UFO was recorded on an airliner heading to France in October, 2014. The Ufo appears to be triangular shaped. In the video you will see a a dark shaped o…

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UFO Recorded On Air France Plane October 2014: 25 комментариев

  1. Quel est la source de cette vidéo? D’où vient elle ? Qui a filmé ?
    Comment l’avez vous obtenu ? Y a t’ il eu enquête ? Qu’est qui prouve qu’il
    s’agit d’un vol D’Air France ? Sans réponse à tout cela on pourrait pensé
    que vous avez fabriqué ce fake ?…

  2. Normally you would see all the people saying fake and not real, but this
    looks to real and amazing. I love this type of stuff. When will they make
    contact with us worldwide?

  3. UFOs according to my brother (doing physics math and stuff and college,told
    me UFOs,are time travelers from the future.
    When you travel in time,you end up in the middle of space(probably what
    happens to Mh17 and the other planes and ships lost in the Bermuda Triangle
    and othere places),they use UFOs to get to earth

  4. Thanks for posting this. I have seen exactly the same thing on a flight
    from Cuba to France, although the one I saw was white — it was doing the
    same slow rotation movement as well. It actually looked so natural
    (organic) & at home up there in the clouds that it took me a second to
    realise that it was a phenomenon (for want of a better word).

  5. Looks pretty clear to me. A triangular shaped UFO lands on a mother ship
    which is hidden in a cloud. You can even see a landing light rotating on
    the mother ship if you look closely. Looks very real to me.

  6. Nice video.but I have a concern with time frame pause anywhere 2-14..14
    clearest..Look at the window edges..is that wood or plastic imitation..I
    thought it looked rather rough for a modern plane and we have no
    information what kind of plane he/she is on.. most windows or either round
    or very rounded rectangles..
    I went to air frances fleet information they have nay airbus boeing
    etc..but none not even their turboprops look like that.
    Is there any reason for this discrepancy?




    The «triangle and mother ship are interesting..morphing..but as sure as God
    made little green apples..I have seen amazing sarms of birds do exactly
    same thing..form vs as well and spheres and spirals..massive lenticular
    shapes..like ufo..merge …pilots are just as scared of them as well…
    I recommend visiting youtube sites for examples..it is enlightening.

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