UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation in Western Massachusetts (UFO Invasion)

UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation in Western Massachusetts (UFO Invasion) THE UFO ORBS ARE BACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc5StQpaUqk UFOs Orbs Aliens Glowing UFO …
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UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation in Western Massachusetts (UFO Invasion): 25 комментариев

  1. Why’d they stop filming immediately after it disappeard? Had that been me
    filming, I’d have left the camera rolling in the event it came back. Total

  2. This is fake idiots. It’s a computer program and it was filmed on a
    computer lmfaooo watch when the cameraman pans left and right u will see
    outer edge where screen cuts off computer lmao

  3. I really hope that if they are aliens that they come down and abduct that
    ridiculous woman that cannot say anything other that «oh my God, oh my God»
    They wouldn’t learn anything from her but it would be one less moron here
    on earth.

  4. Very interesting video. It looks genuine. One criticism is the surrounding
    area below the apparent UFO’s. It looks unusual and almost like a scale
    model. I want to believe this is real. If the person who recorded it could
    film the location in daylight that would be great. Like one user already
    stated the video seems to be a bit » Too perfect » which Is why I am still
    a bit sceptical. If you were to film UFOs you would film the area for a lot
    longer and not just under 2 minutes. Maybe there is more footage? I hope we
    get some more answers from what is a very good video.

  5. Captain’s Log, Space time January 14 : «Planet Earth not interesting.
    Inhabitants speak only three words. Returning to home galaxy now.» 

  6. morse code expert checking in… they are trying to talk to us…it’s saying
    -.—. (A)
    .-. (Y)
    .-. (Y)

    —.-. (L)
    ..- (M)
    .-. (A)
    -..— (O)

  7. that is not fake man you can see the orbs glowing and pulsating and them
    going blurred with the background lights as the phone camera zooms in and
    out you can plainly see that the phone camera is filming that as it happens
    also the emotion on the witnesses unless they have all had years of acting
    classes that emotion is real and im sorry if I was witnessing that I would
    be saying omg omg omg also sigh the patrician guys the congressional
    hearing initiative and lets help stephen basset get the worlds governments
    to admit the et presence on the earth…

  8. Watches UFO video, complains about fellow human reactions. Most of you
    would be real buzzkills on disclosure day. Some aliens make themselves
    known, everyone is excited and nervous. Lots of oh my god’s. Their
    reactions to the aliens takes over your mind and you forget about how
    amazing this is and instead, you just start yelling at everyone to stop
    enjoying the moment because it’s really bothering you.

  9. if this is true then its a fucking invasion, DO NOT assume they are
    benevolent, like us they are just a part of this universe, do not look up
    to them as gods or you will be manipulated into doing their biddings

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