From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. For thousands of years an Alien presence here on Earth has made itself known through miraculous signs and wonders. Alien v…
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UFO SECRET: Alien Contacts — FEATURE FILM: 25 комментариев

  1. *If you want to know honest explanations to life’s biggest questions, and
    ONLY HONEST ones, you’re special.* Nearly *no one* in this society is able
    to accept *what is **truly** real.*

    *Google «Truth Contest», click on the 1st result and read what «The
    Present» says.* It can *change your **mind/life.*

  2. All the so called evidences are the result of decades long hopeless
    searching of ET. Starting from the ancient art from where ppl found «the
    ancient aliens». Then the soup is mixed with hoaxes, fake stuff,
    assumptions, wishes, believings etc. If there’s something real among the
    «evidences» we can’t even see it. All we have is some light spots in the
    sky and the crop circles (which aren’t proved to be caused by aliens).
    Which means we have actually nothing. Still ppl don’t give up but chasing
    something that doesn’t exist. But like we have to dream when we sleep to
    stay sane we also needs imaginative stories to protect ourselves from
    deadly boredom. 

  3. at 48:28 the woman on the bench is miming the words said by william
    sherwood? The camera man noticed and cropped her out of the frame, I wonder
    what that was all about?

  4. Lord Desmond Leslie scion of a very old aristocratic Irish family, WWII
    Spit Fire pilot for the British, electronic music pioneer and co-author of
    Flying Saucers Have Landed along with George Adamski in 1953 is very
    interesting for example he dismisses Adamski’s meeting with aliens from
    Venus as bull sh** and thinks they were astral out of body experiences. He
    mentions that Adamski while sometimes would be bs and then turn around and
    sound brilliant and his photographs of UFOs were hard to dismiss. Adamski
    met with the pope, important people in government and society. Adamski has
    been a puzzle to me see sawing back and forth from sounding profound to

  5. Only an idiot who has never vothered to check,would say there is no ufo
    pheninenon on Earth.Like J.Allan Hydnek,PhD,who investigated ufo reports
    for 20 years for USAF,said after he retired,There is an embarrassment of
    riches that proves the ufo phenomenon.

  6. This is a great video EVERYONE should watch. It’s TRUE, and only
    ignoramuses debunk the ET reality. Adamski was a modern prophet — thank
    you, George!

  7. I can accept the veracity of this video. I also can accept the veracity of
    George Adamski. What we object to with respect to the NWO is that it is
    presented to us using lies and deception. If we accept the concept of a
    Global Society it must be presented on the basis of TRUTH to ALL. The
    present NWO is a wicked organisation and is working contrary to the
    concepts of Justice, Truth and Unity. The NWO today is promoted and
    governed by OIL and Money. There is little need for oil and all its
    spin-offs because we know that the secrets of FREE ENERGY is a reality,
    known for several generations. I wish I could imagine a process that would
    bring about PLANET UNITY — but it evades me. Religious dogmas from any
    direction are NOT the answer. Genuine honest ‘Conscious Spiritual
    Integrity’ may be one way. But who knows? Is it even possible. We are such
    a diverse species.

  8. In the end of 2011, Jesus Christ appointed end time prophet of God,
    Benjamin Cousijnsen to reveal the knowledge of the mysteries of the Bible
    to this generation that will live to see the coming of Jesus Christ.
    Benjamin didn’t appoint himself nor was he appointed by no one except Jesus
    Christ. Benjamin Cousijnsen is also from the tribe of Benjamin. To
    understand the mysteries of the book of Revelation and know already that
    the Antichrist is here and to have a saving knowledge and personal
    relationship with Jesus Christ visit Benjamin’s YouTube channel:
    Heiscoming12. There you will hear the over 900 messages delivered to
    Benjamin Cousijnsen from angels from heaven. Don’t miss the rapture and
    learn how to overcome the world and Satan. Barak Obama translated from
    Hebrew to English means «lightning from heaven». Luke 10:

  9. this is true there is a connection between old and new technology
    the point is that we should find the reason why this change is happening
    and these thoughts are in everybody mind n just making movie does not
    complete the knowledge if have courage then work on it and i want to work
    on these topics
    anyone who is interest in it?

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