Featuring Bob Lazar LIVE — Take a journey with us to go where few have ever gone before! To know the truth that we are not alone in the universe and that the…
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UFO SECRET: ALIEN HWY — UFOs and Area 51 — FEATURE FILM: 25 комментариев

  1. Book of Revelations, ‘there was a war in heaven, and the devil and his
    angels tossed down on earth.» There are back, after seeing the flashes from
    nuke weapons, Test Site in Nevada desert, right there at Area51, next to
    the beacons of nuclear light. The devil/aliens give us knowledge, the Lord
    gives us love and will appear again soon in New Jerusalem, His physical
    place that is little bigger than the moon, and He holds the keys to death
    and hell for He is faster than light in New Jerusalem, last seen as the
    star of Bethlehem. Einstein explains it, go faster than light and go back
    and forth through time, that is why He holds the keys to death and
    hell.This is Biblical people, when Iran attacks Israel, within one hour,
    2/3’s of mankind will be baptized in fire. Pray, you’ll see it.

  2. funny how they interview nutty people and people and get outrageous clams.
    I believe we have been visited by ET’s in the past but in no way am I a
    lunatic and believe they are following some people. Sighting are in fact
    true but deemed as hallucinations by the authorities to discredit real
    sightings and cop it up to nut jobs. Believe what you want to believe but
    dont let the government tell you what to think or crazy hicks.

  3. I’ve watched this numerous times. I truly love the amateur aspect of it-
    because it’s real. Real people that are convinced they «knew what they
    saw». I can’t discount any of them and you can’t either. If you’re here,
    you’re most likely interested in this subject. One should keep an open

  4. Pretty much 2 obese Fan boys make a mockumentary of a small town that minds
    it’s own business.. However, Congrats Ambassador Merlin of Oconis (
    =Outside the Continental United States?) for getting the Highway renamed:
    extraTerrestrial Highway :)

  5. Documentary about Rachel, Nevada outside Area 51 on the Extraterrestrial
    Highway 375 designated by the Nevada legislature with interviews with the
    residents two of whom claim to be alien ambassadors and others who have
    seen ufos and others who were abducted. The Little «Ale-In» bar and grill
    has been featured in Independence Day and Paul and is a tour stop for Las
    Vegas Area 51 tours. Both Rachel, NV and Goodsprings, NV generate commerce
    from the paranormal and they are tiny high desert towns what Rachel is to
    Aliens Goodsprings and its Pioneer Saloon and gift store is to ghosts. The
    high desert is spooky at night. Nevada makes money off the occult and UFOs
    with Area 51 Museum, Haunted Las Vegas Tour, Reno’s Annual Zombie Crawl a
    giant Halloween celebration where like New Orleans zombies fueled by
    alcohol rule the night. Chamber of Commerce actively encourages aliens,
    ghosts and zombies for the tourist dollar. A lot of fun!

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