UFO SECRET: The Stanton Friedman Story — HD FEATURE FILM

UFO SECRET: The Stanton Friedman Story - HD FEATURE FILM

Are Flying Saucers Real? Take a biographical look at Stanton T. Friedman, who for the past 40 years has been the world’s foremost investigator and lecturer o…

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UFO SECRET: The Stanton Friedman Story — HD FEATURE FILM: 25 комментариев

  1. Stanton T. Friedman is a phony, a fake, a fraud, a liar, a cheat and a sham.
    Back when Roswell happened in 1947, Donald Keyhoe, already an old man of 55
    (he was discharged in 1923) was a major in the Marines when he rejoined for

    He said from day-1 that «The Flying Saucers come from outer space». Keyhoe
    with zero ‘astrophysics’ knowledge said the exact standby that ole Stanton
    Friedman pushes.
    Keyhoe was wrong in 1950 when he wrote his first book «The Flying Saucers
    Are Real» and Friedman is just as wrong now in 2014 pushing the «They come
    from Outer Space» BS.

    The reader should do himself or herself a favor if they want to get the
    real lowdown on these ‘UFOs’ must reading includes «Roswell and The Reich»,
    2010 and «Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops», 2011 by Joseph P. Farrell. Why
    Friedman never looked into this aspect of what and where the flying saucers
    come from is perplexing. One is almost tempted to believe he is getting
    paid to keep the «ET connection» to UFOs alive and well.

  2. I don’t understand how Stephen Greer’s sexuality figures into the UFO
    discussion. I agree, he seems to be a little feminine, but i don’t think
    that has anything to do with the discussion at hand. Some people, like the
    guy who posted this homophobic comment, have nothing to contribute to an
    intelligent conversation. So keep out down, moron, grown ups are talking.

  3. At Least Stanton Friedman has stood up and stated the truth. Now, we look
    forward to Full Disclosure by the AIR Force, NASA, and the Government
    Officials who have covered up for so long. I enjoy Flying Saucers whether
    they are real or not! I wish to travel worldwide in their saucers.

  4. Dedicates men like Stanton Friedman and Steven Greer will hasten the day of
    disclosure, not only to the American public, but to the world. Fortunately,
    people like these two dedicated researchers risk their personal safety to
    get at the truth. Thank you Mr. Friedman.

  5. and the guy at 25:00 min says all gov secrets leak out eventually, not
    documents but someone tells, and noones told yet at least not to make
    believe yet, what kind of attitude is that? theres plenty of evidence
    including documents that friedman can back up with other documents that are
    typed up and put together the exact same way, these debunkers are all
    pretty bad at debunking

  6. ..so here we go with the nasty words again, the perfect defense by the
    perfect smart guy, lol.. Come on pal, you can do better then that right? If
    you do not understand me (yeah true, my english isn´t the best) then simply
    ask right? Is DNA evidence in your opinion? Is actual bones from a non
    human creature evidence for you? If yes then great we have evidence, now go
    do your homework on mepetec creature and starchild skull so we can discuss
    like adults later and do NOT take the crash course..

  7. what you are saying makes no sense not just to me but to anybody looking at
    it. first of all you chat shit to me about living in my own little world
    for no reason at all. then try to make yourself look something special asif
    you know something we dont. i got news for you boy your nothing special.
    and evidence to me is seeing with my own eyes as it is to most people.
    theres a well know saying. seeing is beliveing

  8. Because he’s an intelligent man. Enough to see that the mountain of
    evidence points in one direction, despite idiots and liars like Pflock,
    Sagan and Klass spouting otherwise, that eventually you have to conclude
    coincidence does not apply anymore. And if proof had been found, there
    would be no debate. What has been gathered is overwhelming amounts of
    ‘evidence’. Which is the path to proof.

  9. yeah agreed, lol… Although they have not really kept the secret very well
    imho, they are way better at suppressing it, extortion, threats of jail
    etc.. hell yeah even death for high up people who tried to make humanity
    profit from technology most people cannot even dream of, JFK is only one in
    a long line.

  10. 00:53 Redstar film presents. Why there is added «Ufo tv and» then redstar
    films present. It so so cheap move to add such text and even UfoTV is added
    on top buhahaha . you don’ have rights to do that.

  11. WTF is up with the church music?? Don’t put S.F. in that light. Serious
    disservice to his image…This subject is soooo much bigger than all
    religions put together. His ability to logically look through the bullshit
    put most skeptics in their place.immediately. If the gov didn’t take it
    serious in the eyes of the public, why use pop culture to minimize the

  12. Wow, I don’t normally read comments under youtube videos; I don’t watch
    them on a pc. Earlier today I watched a few presentations from last year’s
    conference in Amsterdam. It’s a tedious process winnowing the researchers
    from the salesmen, the seekers of truth from the seekers of attention, etc.
    Dr Friedman is maybe one of three people in this field whom I trust. Sure
    he wants to sell books but I am certain he really cares about disseminating
    truth. Sad that I’m the only one I know who believes

  13. Oh my gawd..this woman is gorgeous!!! 16:50 She has got to be the prettiest
    woman in ALL of the UFO community. Why do all the girls I meet at these
    conventions that are my age resemble an old work boot? If I ran into her I
    would be drooling and would follow her home like a lost puppy.

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