UFO shot down the Su 27. НЛО сбил Су 27

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An encounter on the dark side of the moon: ‘UFO’ spotted soaring above lunar surface in online video. Is 2013 the year we finally make contact with our broth…
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UFO shot down the Su 27. НЛО сбил Су 27: 25 комментариев

  1. There is nothing I repeat NOTHING strange here yes this is a UFO in the
    literal sense.. its an unidentified flying object. Its likely a lunar
    But more likely just a piece of space debris in between whatever is taking
    these images and the moon.

    Shame of course I wish it was a real UFO ill find one, one day..

  2. I don’t say it’s a alien ship or a human ship or anything else but the
    people that say «aliens don’t exist» are stupid. Can they bring the proof
    they don’t exist ? No !

  3. i would like to watch a video make by one of people who think that footage
    is fake, why? how can we make the same fake video if a someone is enough
    brave to accept his stupidity

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