UFO Sightings 100% Proof We Are Not Alone 2013 Watch Now!

March 30, 2013, Special Correspondent To Thirdphaseofmoon Dr J Andy Ilias and Muphon Investigater Preston Dennet Talk to Dr. Roger Leir, known for 16 alien i…
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LEAKED NEW VIDEO OF Alien hacker!! watch before! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryvdjIli9ts Space here? Want a Your video link in my title? SEND A Personal m…
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UFO Sightings 100% Proof We Are Not Alone 2013 Watch Now!: 49 комментариев

  1. One day soon there is going to be a huge, undisputed alien craft event.
    They will come right down, massive saucers with great bright circle lights
    on the bottom, in the many, for all to see. They will demonstrate phase
    shift technology, by dipping into the solid ground and then back out, like
    we dip a finger into the ocean. They will not come down, in person, because
    most of us will just shoot at them. They do not look like us. Their
    emotional spectrum is different to ours. We won’t be able to register
    peaceful intent and we will be afraid. So they will stay in their craft.

    But we will know they are real. We are simply not ready for it. Think about
    it. Most people of the previous generation, our fathers and mothers, are
    burning out, and heavily clinging to old paradigms. Up is up and down is
    down. Oh they found something on the moon? Bullshit. Where do you read this
    crap? Just get a job.

    Most of our grandparents are passing or have passed. Surprisingly alot of
    our grandparents have seen things in their lifetime that they can’t put a
    number on. But making a reality changing statement to them would mean

    Now, right now, many of us mid teens to mid 30s, are Not ready to have our
    realities shifted in such a way. We are still fighting over money and sex.
    At least half of us need to feel we belong on this planet, that we
    appreciate our time here and love ourselves, before they show themselves.
    As it stands right now, we simply don’t.

  2. I heard a drunk man speaking and i see a peace of metal not a implant
    …once again i belive in UFOs but not in this channel anymore …man if
    you dont have material and real proves dont make this vídeos because is
    ridiculous …insted you find belivers you puch them way…maybe is on
    porpouse for people dont belive 

  3. The researchers aren’t going to be the ones disclosing stuff. I will say
    something though that will always bother me with all the people that
    believe we aren’t alone and the area 51 stuff etc. ( I have seen and are a
    believer by the way of UFOs) Why don’t all of these people just drive up to
    area 51 (kinda like in independence day) and just force your way in? Call
    the news /threaten some shit to be put on the world news (if OJ driving in
    a white van can make the world news for hours

  4. Some Scientists have said the Sun is not real it gives no Light or heat in
    Space but only when it hits Earth or the Moon. Sun spots are holes in the
    outer layer as the Sun is hollow. Maybe this part of Space was adapted for
    Humans & its all a scam & we are being held prisoner on this Planet. Where
    are the Stars going? its not all chemtrails. We may be in a dyson sphere
    Earth is just a farm for ETs we are their Cattle.

  5. Hold up there. Firstly you’re being rude to someone who is simply busy!
    Secondly it is not wrong to want videos that remove the crap and cut
    straight to the point. I watch videos of all lengths but there is nothing
    more frustrating than a video that stretches content to occupy an
    unnecessary amount time.

  6. And so is every other ufologist that you may know of.. Just like selling
    Jesus..The biggest of all the ufologist is Dolan. watch his videos a great
    book seller. he always mentions / AS I MENTION IN MY LATEST BOOK lol yes to
    those that don’t know what he’s talking about has to purchase the latest
    book in order to know what the new book he’s pushing..as for adds those are
    sponcer they have to run the add or drop him.

  7. We do have proof of telepathy, plants do it. Real scientific tests proved
    they sense suffering and read thoughts and intent watch The secret life of
    plants on netflix draw your own conclusions.

  8. Why only a selective few have implants? if all that were abducted they too
    would have implants as a tracking device I would think. Seems strange that
    all the stories I have heard not one has had an implant placed with in

  9. ¿ Porque nuestros visitantes no establecen contacto público y directo con
    la población que estamos ávidos de su tecnología sobre todo como se
    trasladan porque a la velocidad de la luz jamás llegarían a ningún lado 300
    mil Km. X segundo no representa nada para el universo un día luz son aprox.
    26,000 millones de Km. y si hablamos que la estrella mas cercana a nosotros
    está como a 4 años luz para alcanzarla tendrían que ir varias generaciones
    para llegar a esa estrella.Esperamos su visita JlG

  10. NASA is the military industrial complex. Convincing us there are aliens is
    just another reason for more wasteful spending through military equipment.
    I have no idea if there are people on other planets, there very well may
    be. If there are, wouldn’t they have already attacked us by now if they
    were going to. 

  11. NASA is the military industrial complex. Convincing us there are aliens is
    just another reason for more wasteful spending through military equipment.
    I have no idea if there are people on other planets, there very well may
    be. If there are, wouldn’t they have already attacked us by now if they
    were going to. 

  12. Aliens are real, and they are invading us, but they’re microscopic. Not one
    virus is native to our planet. Plagues follow comets. Just put it together,
    and there you are. Fireballs or probes? Viruses are engineered things. They
    are either sent here to terra-form, or to eradicate us, or both.

  13. «leaked footage». I don’t think you know what that phrase means, or you are
    completely dishonest in click baiting. It can’t be leaked footage if they
    fucking broad casted it! Fucking bullshit artist.

  14. A UFO is just *that*… a UFO.
    *SHIT!* Even *I’VE* seen UFO’s — one even pretty close up… with a group
    of other people no less! *BUT* … that had absolutely *nothing* to do with
    any «alien» beings or «extraterrestrials» visiting Earth!

    Introduce me to an alien, extraterrestrial, god, angel, demon,
    interdimentional or time traveler and I will …*BELIEVE*!

    Otherwise…. stuff a sock in it.

    (Investigate *PROJECT BLUE BEAM*)

  15. Interesting when you consider the fact that CNN is CIA. But be this as it
    may it is about time that our Governments world wide just come out with it.
    I mean just how long do they think that they can hide it. It is obviously
    out of their control already we can handle it.

  16. It’d be VERY selfish to believe that we are only one of millions of
    universes and galaxy’s and we’re the only planet with intelligent life (if
    even that!)

  17. why are there always «god» weirdo’s in comments? And the Annunaki (if they
    do exist, which i dont really know as fact or not) are not demons,
    reportedly they are the progenitors (aka creators) of mankind. Any how
    aliens 100% exist (somewhere), are they visiting earth >> seems pretty
    likely, are they hostile >> i doubt it (your alive still arnt you), when
    will we know >> when ET’s want to reveal themselves to us, when will that
    be >> we cant even agree to share oil/food/water with eachother and still
    cling to childish ideas like «gods» so not until they think its time to
    raise us up to a real secular/civilized level (that means re-educating like
    8 billion people)

  18. Im sorry…I like this story but there is something about Anderson C that
    goes completely against my grain. Not sure what that is but it just wrecks
    anything he says so……at this point i only take anderson with a grain or
    two of salt.

  19. *Leaked CNN Footage? Leaked out of what? A milk bottle? RamboHawkzTV,
    240p is NOT HD. This looks like a 3rd generation VHS. **And this footage
    is not «leaked». Nor is it 2013. Your headline is BULLSHIT. You’ve
    ruined your brand in my house.*

  20. The human imperative is not going well. The most opulent families, the
    Rothschilds, Getty, Morgan, Rockefeller families that operate the central
    banking cartels, and the puppet «combined government» that serve them are
    not willing to allow humanity to progress emotionally. This is why the
    emotionally advanced space faring civilizations will not share anything
    with us. Just go back to sleep. We need to develop inner peace, but this is
    difficult when we are trapped in a barrel of monkeys. Sorry to say it.

  21. This would definitely be something that Anderson Cooper would find near and
    dear to his heart. I don’t think it’s a secret that he can really get into
    a full moon, and he thinks anal probes are out of this world.

  22. That’s the problem, we don’t need to wait for *»the government to tell us
    all it knows»* in order to know what we’ve seen ourselves.

    I’ve seen and *experienced* a UFO in the most amazing way! It flew right
    over top of me in the dead of night, it had warm air blowing down from it
    and was blowing so hard that the top of the trees bent over and my hair was
    blasting straight down and felt like it was gonna pull it from my scalp. It
    made no sound whatsoever, not even the wind that was coming down from it
    had sound, just the rustling of the trees. It was shaped like a football
    field in length, but skinny like a cigar. It hovered over me with wall to
    wall white light but the light never left the craft to light up the ground
    beneath it. All the light was in the belly of the craft itself and I was
    under it in complete darkness feeling only that warm blast of air. It
    hovered a second or two, then in the blink of an eye it was gone without a
    sound. That was 13 years ago and I can still see and feel it like it was
    yesterday. Not like things you experience that you’re not completely sure
    you saw or felt, this was as real as the birth of my children. I kept it to
    myself for a long time knowing nobody would believe me, but then as I began
    seeing videos of other people’s experiences I realized I wasn’t alone in my

  23. Disclosure will be forced, it has to be because the people and companies
    hiding this information will not give up the ability to play god. One day
    everyone will wake up and look up in the sky and there will be thousands of
    their ships in the air and NOBODY will be able to deny it anymore. Its too
    bad that were probably one of the only planets in the solar system built on
    a GIANT LIE. Do you think its a coincidence that anyone who wants to get to
    the bottom of the UFO phenomenon is ridiculed and mocked, its something
    that has been ingrained in our american culture. Here we have a phenomenon
    that has been taking place for hundreds, if not thousands of years and the
    only conclusion we can come up with officially is that they don’t even
    exist? Perhaps a publicly funded official scientific study with no military
    involvement is needed, which is why it wont be. Why cover something up if
    you claim nothing happened in the first place?

  24. there has to be alien, the universe is too big and diverse to be so
    ignorant. There is tons of things on planet earth normal people dont get
    to see and all these shit talking you tube life experts only know their
    world of warcraft and jerkin it alone 😛 …. too much evidence out
    there , granted some hoaxes, and some not. I think i could handle aliens,
    i wouldnt freak out if they aren’t killing people and destroying things.
    If they are real we should know about it.

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