UFO SIGHTINGS 2014 Los Angeles | Real UFO caught on tape UFO sighting footage | Ufos caught on tape

UFO SIGHTINGS 2014 Los Angeles | Real UFO caught on tape UFO sighting footage Ufo sighting | UFOS caught on tape 2014 Video courtesy of infamousfanclub Chann…

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UFO SIGHTINGS 2014 Los Angeles | Real UFO caught on tape UFO sighting footage | Ufos caught on tape: 50 комментариев

  1. Its not a ufo losets its a satellite cuz when u see a real ufo it will be
    gone in second i saw one in my real eyes when i was peeing outside a light
    gone one seconds

  2. These brainwashed idiots LOL those are satellites do you even know how many
    are in space? They go around earth in so many different directions/speeds.
    THEN you idiots can say oh look a «UFO» until then shut the fuck up and
    stop believing in these fantasies that HOLLYWOOD made up.. fucking
    brainwashed society this is why we cant advance!!

  3. whilst it is possible or slightly probable (but only if the universe is
    infinite or multidimensional) that there may be intelligent life on other
    worlds, it is impossible that earth is visited by ufo’s or alien life
    forms. if it were, then the governments of this world would know of it but
    they don’t, because if they did, it would be completely futile for them to
    get involved middle east wars, world wars, cold wars etc. there would be no
    money spent on arms whatsoever. there would be no east west hostility.
    there would be no fighting over territory or natural resources. if we were
    being visited by beings not of this world not only would they make
    themselves known to the whole world, and not just american or russian
    governments, but just to be able to get here, they would be so technically
    advanced that they could probably destroy the world in a blink of an eye,
    and politicians of this world may be greedy and corrupt, but they are
    certainly not stupid. the world leaders would put all money and effort into
    cooperation in either defense against an alien race or into communication
    and understanding with them or with trying to make the inhabitants of this
    planet more intelligent and civilized. they would not let an alien race see
    how greedy and hateful human beings are. it would be quite suicidal for the
    the people of this world to war with each other and world governments would
    not allow it. but what is happening now and always has happened, the
    powerful people of this world are crazed in warring, greedily seizing land
    or resources and murdering mostly innocent people, and that really is not a
    good example to set for any visiting alien life forms. so as romantic an
    idea it is that we are being visited, and don’t get me wrong, i love to
    watch ufo and alien type youtube videos for entertainment, that is all it
    is, just thought provoking entertainment that helps escape our repetitive
    humdrum lives. this world is exactly the right distance from our sun at
    exactly the right tilt spinning at exactly the right speed with the exactly
    the right orbit and the exactly right gravity influence from the rest of
    our solar system to enable any life to exist here. it is quite possible
    that there are no other intelligent life forms in the universe. i do not
    believe in any god of any kind, every person is there own god.

  4. What the heck I live in L.A I went to mc Arthur park that day because I had
    to go the clinic next to it and saw lots of ppl there but I didn’t knew
    they were looking for ufos 0.o

  5. when I was 9yrs old I saw something like that and but didnt care so much on
    what it was. Thinking back it was an amazing thing to see first hand. That
    «object» stay for few min and then in a blink it was gone. 

  6. i don’t know if you have faked this or not but i can tell you all for sure
    flying around and then dissapears super fast

  7. Art 0,19 there is a stutter and blur in the leading deer when from
    motionless to swinging its head to he left. No free running camera would do
    that unless stopped for some editing reason to produce a fake. I ran this
    many times and you can, when you know what to look for see just how obvious
    it is. in any case the lights could just be anything. This was published
    just to try and sensationalise nothing. 

  8. The ‘LIGHTS’ in several places looks like someone holding a LANTERN up to
    light their way.

    The only problem is — once you get the UN-SHADED LIGHT (whatever it is) at
    the level of your head … you’re blinded to a great degree of what is

    Most people would keep the TBD ‘LANTERN'(?) at knee level and then
    proceed. Hmmmmm.

    That said — who knows how many places on Earth have a thin enough
    Dimensional Curtain that opens up glimmers of the past … or perhaps the
    future … or … another place. Hmmmmm twice.


  9. Interesting video, something new…… But it would help if the deer was
    lo8king in the right direction. Usually when a deer hears something,
    especially at night, they flee immediately. So i believe its fake. But
    still a interesting clip. 

  10. Both the deer freeze into one spot at 0.17 sec, and the come back to life
    after a few seconds when the lights disappear. It seems like an added
    visual effect on a frozen frame. Just focus on the deer tail on the right
    side and you’ll see. Nothing organic can momentarily freeze like this in

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