UFO Sightings 2014 The Year For «Alien Disclosure» Happy New Year! Special Report!

UFO Sightings Will 2014 Be The Year For «Alien Contact»? New Years Eve Special Report! Happy New Year From Thirdphaseofmoon! Keep Your Eyes On The Skies, See…
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UFO Sightings 2014 The Year For «Alien Disclosure» Happy New Year! Special Report!: 25 комментариев

  1. Anyone believe in aliens is very mad in the head we all now what technology
    can do now a days just like how they make jet and helicopter dont you think
    they could easily make a round space ship to fool the public use your brain

  2. is there abit of brainwashing going on here….if aliens are that advanced
    and can travel here there not worried about who knows about them and who
    will accept them…just my thoughts anyone can prove me wrong I will

  3. «Let’s build FEMA death camps with electric fences where we can imprison
    innocent people until we throw them in to the mass graves we built for when
    we slaughter them all. Oh yeah and we’ll build a playground too because we
    don’t want the kids to cry.»

    These guys are idiots. I’m a believer in extraterrestrials but these guys
    are so lost and paranoid it’s not even funny.

  4. Here is a great tip for people witnessing a UFO. BEFORE YOU START FILMING A
    UFO, FIND A SOLID SURFACE (only take a second) TO REST YOUR ELBOW ON!!! The
    more steady your filming arm is, the more clear the video will be. REST

  5. 4:50 mark was so fake and edited it’s ridiculous! The camera wasn’t focused
    on such an obvious object if there was one, and two…. the people watching
    are far too calm. The object is edited in the film of whatever they were
    actually trying to see. 

  6. They are our brothers and sisters. We are all extraterrestrials. We are
    multidimensional beings of light having a human experience, and our game in
    the 3rd dimensional illusion of duality and separation is ending. We are
    going home to the 5th dimension where we originated from..

  7. These callers are basing their ideas on what they have «heard from others».
    It is believed that the Seattle tunnel digger «Big Bertha» has run into an
    old locomotive. Seattle has an underground city that was burned and they
    basically built a city over the top of it. There is not a mother ship
    blocking its path. Where does that Tard even get that crazy idea. Did he
    get some evidence? Did he climb down the tunnel and see it? Ridiculous.

  8. So these are craft based on back engineering of crashed ufos? They really
    aren’t alien craft? I’ve seen about 8 ufos since 2007 and I wondered
    whether they were ours or were really foreign, but all of them looked

  9. 5 years ago hybrid, I mean draconian’s, I mean humans want to be, I mean
    some entities, I mean some people, (woufs). that was a work out! Here on
    You Tube were in denial about the UFO subject. No! it was a chines lamp,
    No! it was a weather balloon, No! it was a helicopter. anything but the
    truth. Today? there is only silence from those same creatures who denied
    their own existence among us humans, why you might ask? go to my channel
    and fined out the truth behind all these UFO and Alien channels here on You
    Tube and their agenda against human population. BEWARE OF THE NEPHILIM. ((
    who do you trust ))

  10. The only way it’s going to happen is if they want it to happen millions of
    people have tried to no avail governments don’t listen only at election
    time get real if they admit it that will be bad news week. why they will
    only admit it if its worth it that means war or at least defence defense
    for you Americans against those bad aliens we need more money we need
    to raise the taxes

  11. My mum and dad saw a UFO back in the 1960s in exmouth UK. Neither of them
    knew each other back then but apparently 100s of people saw a black disk
    shaped object which had faded windows on it and little people stood at the
    windows, according to my mum and dad it was fully black and changed shape
    before shooting off to the next town. My mum saw it in Exmouth and my dad
    saw it fly above him over the river while he was in a metal boat which was
    then pulled by a field up a calm river at about 30mph behind the craft for
    1.5 miles. Thing is they still remember it like as if its there in front of
    them. Exact detail explanation.

    However I’ve had my own weird things happen. I sometimes have dreams which
    come true. And they’re normally detailed with places, times and dates. I’ve
    seen everything from the world greeting new life forms to my own death.
    Basically I put on a brave face about it, but it scares the living shit out
    of me. 

  12. 1:35
    Yes, I bet Snowden and Assange are watching the Weather Channel, eagerly
    waiting to see if…

    sorry, I had to stop right there. 

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