UFO Sightings — Alien Encounters [Top Documentary Films 2014]

UFO Sightings — Alien Encounters [Top Documentary Films 2014] An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly …

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UFO Sightings — Alien Encounters [Top Documentary Films 2014]: 24 комментария

  1. Why do old school stories show old school ufo designs. Like even if the
    story is 45 years old , that doesnt mean the saucers should look like they
    were made from kitchenware. I beleive this story to be some what true. But
    the ufos just look so darn cheezy. 

  2. Is it possible they invented everything? Why?didn’t take any advantage from
    it,.. If not, what the hell is going on? Cia didn’t know about it? Is it
    possible that secret services around the world didn’t come up with these
    relationships! Weird, complicated and 100 other Way to describe it! 

  3. Once you really start studying the possible technologies that could allow a
    disc or triangle or cigar shaped craft to fly without the need for
    propellers, jets or rocket engines you’ll be overwhelmed by how much
    subjects you must study and how much reading/learning is involved, most
    people won’t want to put that much time and effort to really learn about
    it. I’ve been self-studying for at least 2-1/2 to 3 years and I’m still
    discovering new things I have to study, it feels like it never ends. As if
    conventional aviation wasn’t hard enough. You’re talking about making a
    vehicle fly with very little to no moving parts. and then you’d ask
    yourself how they can produce enough thrust to fly in the earth’s
    atmosphere. all the different methods I’d read about only seem to only be
    efficient enough for space propulsion and marine propulsion etc. even
    trains, but for aircraft? The only thing that I’ve that comes close is
    Ionocrafts but they’re too light weight and don’t provide enough thrust to
    lift a human much less a heavy vehicle. there is some promising research
    for using it in drone technology but that’s about it.

    But if you truly want to know, or have a simple understanding I suggest you
    read about EHD or Electrohydrodynamics and EMP thrusters Electro Magnetic
    Pulse and much more.

  4. These people were fooled. Those things are demons not friends. They didn’t
    fly a million miles to get here either. They have been here since they were
    kicked out of heaven. It’s been hidden what they do to humans. They do the
    same to cattle. Friends don’t abduct people and mutilate them.

  5. To EXTRATERRESTIAL based everywhere. Visit Poland, Warsaw.
    Saalome. Ereshigal.
    Uras mehen entulesse Deity, Arda.
    Shumi-Er keh faelivrin paa-tal wini.
    ~Nammassu (I. Voronda, Schwerta).

  6. isnt it funny how they start with they were glowing with love just want to
    be friends then its can you get us food and chemicals. theyve basically
    been chatted up and used for there own ends its a load of crap there here
    for a reason not for lurve lol.

  7. no star gate for this guy that where this idea came from Ets been here for
    so long how come they dont know the plan of God and always talking
    something different when they should know that our God and King is Yeshua
    the messiah and get behind him as he said this is his world and it always
    will be and they should know that and if they don’t they show themselves to
    be demons., liars and deceivers

  8. «wd40» needs banana, throwing paper on guys head, living under earth,
    speaks italian and are keeping in order materialistic robots that like
    science…….I cant even watch this to the end.

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