UFO Sightings «Alien Human Project» Full Length Documentary! FUll DISCLOSURE Watch Now!

UFO Sightings The Alien Human Project Full Length Documentary «World Premiere» Watch Now 2013! Free To all Subscribers of Thirdrphaseofmoon! Humanity’s oldes…

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UFO Sightings «Alien Human Project» Full Length Documentary! FUll DISCLOSURE Watch Now!: 24 комментария

  1. Does the removal interrupt or stop future contacts & does it «offend» the
    originator of the implant? It seems like it would, like being abducted as
    a privileged not a right..??..?? Anyone have negative consequences for the

  2. August 28 2014 -Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yes! With that
    said here is my opinion.
    I am a 59 year old Female & my Husband is 60 now. I have a question for
    you younger people who seem to think that vulgar, derogative, insulting
    comments about This Full Disclosure discussions on Third Phase of Moon
    Radio Talk Show or any other one like this site, its a way to vent out all
    the anger and frustrations from your everyday lives. We have been married
    40 years and have seen many changes, and miraculous events in technology
    and our Earth’s reaction to how destructive mankind can be to the Earth and
    to others.
    If your mind is not open and it is closed than you shall never see or
    understand anything of what these people were discussing. Why do you bother
    to look on these sights, as I know bye the vulgar language you people use
    in your posts, that you are not just skeptics. You are only wanting
    attention from other people who speak the same foul and nasty words as
    So let me ask you this, do you think you are a solution to society in a
    whole or part of the problems here on this once beautiful earth. I pray
    that a lot of you will read this and just take a step back and look around
    you and SEE with an open mind and Spirit! and in conclusion, I think your
    generation of angry closed minded people are in for a Big Wake Up Call in
    the very near future and you may laugh at this now, will all see for
    yourselves that it is no laughing matter.

  3. If an alien race,,did by some chance need to implant someone, not that I
    believe they abduct, since they could scan or teleport cells from a great
    distance, after all an alien dont need DNA, you would just need the code in
    it, its like saying you dont need your neighbors CD to get the program, you
    just need to scan it. But if aliens had to implant someone, would they not
    use nanotechnology that is so small you could not grab and take it out even
    if you tried. Dont think about aliens with 1914 T model thinking. Think of
    aliens with futuristic thinking, with them at the very least having
    technology that we may have in a few hundred years or so. For example, when
    our scientist invent teleportation, will we then travel in cars and plains
    or trains, I think not. So again dont use T model thinking when thinking
    about aliens, Maybe they dont fly in tin cans like we do afterall. Im just
    saying, people think about aliens with an old T model car type of
    thinking, and you miss alot.

  4. Dr Leir and the chemist interviewed about the implants talk about things
    that are important, little-known and somewhat mysterious; was it really
    necessary to add that insignificant soundtrack in the background during the
    interviews? When one speaks about important matters, one should be able to
    hear what’s being said loud and clear and in silence, without that
    meaningless ‘muzak’ in the background. It distracts viewers from what is
    being said, it’s quite annoying, irrelevant and totally unecessary. I don’t
    remember GOOD interviews with anyone — from politicians to rockstars —
    needing silly music all the way through in the background, and it makes the
    documentary less credible too. I think it’d be better to avoid it in the
    future. Anyway, thanks for the post

  5. If you look closely at these implants they all resemble a metal like a
    meteor, or something that would be picked up in metal shop at school or a
    work place. If an alien implanted a tracking bug in you, it would look more
    sophisticated an indeed a nanotech product, And lastly, it’s highly
    doubtful that you wouldn’t even know that you were abducted and an implant
    put inside you. Food for thought, are Aliens so dumb that they would put an
    implant into a human, and not hide it. «O the human won’t see the scar
    or wonder where did that come from? I do know that the earth has been
    visited by alien life from other planets, I’ve seen space ships with my own
    two eyes. But I don’t think that these things taken out of people are put
    there by aliens. There metal shards, not nanotech devices.

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