UFO Sightings August 2013 World Wide:Video Compilation

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UFO Sightings August 2013 World Wide:Video Compilation: 25 комментариев

  1. i might believe theres something out there but let me know when someone has
    a camera that doesn’t bounce around so much and can actually see whats in
    front of it, tired of all this fake shit, find something real…….

  2. What if… UFO’s are people from the future when they’re using a time
    machine, and if they expose themselves, they ruin the time stuff

  3. Maybe ufo’s are just naturally blurry and out of focus, and its not the
    cameraman’s fault! That is way scarier to me. There is a mysterious object
    in the sky… and it is out of focus and shaking erratically! (mitch
    hedberg reference) 

  4. Our insect alien overlords have an agenda where they are taking humans as
    fatty beefmeat protein units to consume slowly through a straw on their
    long galactic journeys.

  5. yup all this kinds of videos like said like from the person below,,its all
    b.s..halfways only ,,never something realistic,,allways blurry,,,never an
    entity,,or an e.t..or a real flying object….all this is bull shit…

  6. 4:20 is a water droplet on the camera haha who the hell looks at these and
    classes them as UFO’s and one of them looks like either a fly on a window
    or its iron man haha

  7. The square shiney thing in the sky is a mylar baloon with a design on it
    The white shapes over the pool is a defocused moth (too close to the lens
    to focus properly — or on the lens). Some of the other floaters were mylar
    baloons. Funny the things people lock onto as mysteries or anomalies…
    even UFOs — clearly identifiable to me.

  8. If «Alien» UFOs would exist, and if they are advanced Alien life why would
    they be so dumb to travel atleast a million light years just to visit us
    and then leave and travel a million lightyears again? I don’t really think
    they would be that dumb if they where advanced alien life. But if they
    travel in lightspeed to us wich they probbably will do, why do they shape
    there crafts so un aerodynamic? Even in space, when your travelling at
    lightspeed you need aerodynamics

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