UFO Sightings Best Documentary OF 2013 «The Alien Human Project»

The Alien Human Project Enhanced Audio Version 2013! Due to comments in regards to the «Music» Audio Levels on The Alien Human Project Documentary, we have d…

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UFO Sightings Best Documentary OF 2013 «The Alien Human Project»: 25 комментариев

  1. Good grief! The people doing the interviews are HORRIBLE! Are they trying
    to sound like «interrupted professional robots?» Idk..they just sound young
    and unintelligent! Can they not ask RELEVANT questions? They just stick to
    basic questions. It is like a 3rd gradet asked to interview someone. 

  2. This documentary sucks dick. After 1:21 the supposed interview goes silent
    and all you can hear is fucking music. What was the point of reuploading it
    if the thing is the same as the other one? Fail.

    Oh, by the way, I have no fucking clue how this video got 202 likes and
    only 27 dislikes, seems like it should be the other way around.

  3. I wish something horrible would happen to ThirdPhaseofMoon. It makes me
    angry every time I click on a link and it turns out to be them. They’re
    pretty good at making fake UFO videos. Its what their whole operation
    depends on. They make fake UFO videos and sell ads on their YouTube page.
    They have no interest in looking for the truth about UFOs or pursuing real
    UFO Stories. They need to be lined up against a wall and anal probed with a

  4. Especially the violent races of humanity like Africans with they’re civil
    war and mexicans with the cartels Europe with the banking thieves and
    Americans who pretty much try to back the banks and they’re corporations by
    always having a war to provide demand for so many bullets and bandaids
    selfish corrupt bastards. I’m so embarrassed to live here i hate humanity!

  5. Great guests but my god blake cousins is annoying as hell. The guy is a
    moron! But the fact that we have physical proof of alien existence on earth
    is awesome. Its too bad the sheeple of earth don’t care where they come
    from or are going or even what they themselves are. People for the most
    part are pathetic ignorant and incredibly self centered. I hope the
    extraterrestrial beings wipe out at least 99.99% of human beings before the
    worthless human race kills earth.

  6. I despair for humanity when I hear a qualified doctor give credence to
    people like Zaccharia Sitchin. I reckon if you look deep into his eyes
    youll see implants with dollar signs on them.

  7. Furthermore, having the voice on one channel only doesn’t help — it’s quite
    annoyng actually. But fortunately I’ve found a workaround to that: use
    headphones, and slightly unplug the jack so one channer redistributes over
    the other, getting pseudo-stereo voice and almost getting rid of bgm music.
    13:44 — Best line, ever.

  8. This guy from third phase moon is full of shit. I have made many videos and
    articles exposing them. I have researched everything from there fake
    witnesses and made up foot ages. Everything they do is to make amature
    videos to fool u. Don’t be fooled.

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