UFO Sightings Could This Be The Best UFO Video Ever? Audience Reaction 2013

Could This Be The Best UFO Video Ever? Incredibly Close UP!! Is This Smoking Gun Footage? 2013 Captured By Lance Roberson! Quote «I Don’t Care What Anybody T…
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UFO Sightings Could This Be The Best UFO Video Ever? Audience Reaction 2013: 24 комментария

  1. I can’t believe you people! Don’t you get it? It seems as if a video that
    is higher quality and actually stable enough to view gets more grief and
    disbelief then a video of some streaking light at 2 am filmed with a Nokia
    flip phone held by such shaky hands it would appear as if someone who seems
    to be sitting on a washing machine or riding a dune buggy while having a
    seizure. It’s so sociopathic to believe more in footage of an alleged UFO
    that was shot in such a way that it leaves more to the imagination then to
    believe in one that was shot in clear daylight on a hd camera like this
    footage was. Our society has sub consciously been subverted to denying
    anything that appears semi 2 good to be true based on this inner need to
    continue the search. By reading several comments about people saying that
    this is fake I come to the conclusion that it’s because you have so many
    tools and needs at your disposal to aid in you coming to that conclusion.
    We all know good and well that anyone can invent a CGI model and make it
    harder to believe things such as a low pass clear shot of a UFO like this
    one but not every clear and high quality film is fake just because you
    people want to believe that every person who posts such footage is a
    skeptic ass who merely wants to mock us believers. Once you get past the
    notion that it may not actually be cgi and that the person filming such
    alleged footage may actually be someone who just saw something strange and
    decided to film it then you will be left with only one question to ask
    yourself. And that is if at that point you come to the conclusion that this
    actually might In fact be exactly what UFO hunters have been waiting for
    shot in high quality broad daylight and yet you still don’t completely
    believe; then what is wrong with you or holding you back? Is it because
    subconsciously you have not completely given up your moral restitution
    towards life existing on other places than just this one fucking sphere we
    call «EARTH» or is it because what you seek is not actually proof of alien
    life and UFO activity as it is being reported but rather what you seek is
    the thrill of never fully reaching the truth by conclusion. Because
    honestly after reading most of the comments left on this video I am
    starting to believe that most of you skeptics who want to believe and even
    say they believe only want enough footage of something that isn’t exactly
    clear cut so they can go to sleep and wake up in the morning wanting more
    of that drug they call «the hunt». It sucks that the high can’t last
    doesn’t it? That once the needed truth gets leaked by incidents like this
    there’s not very many things you can claim it to be other than what it
    obviously is! It is a U——F——-O people meaning it is an «flying
    object which cannot be understood clearly thus it is unidentified» this
    term UFO isn’t strictly based to crafts coming in from some vast reaching
    point in space or some yet to be understood dimension of time between space
    but also is the category that contains every hoax model and Popsicle stick
    weather balloon with Christmas lights tied to it. As goofy as that sounds
    the point is if the real UFO and the hoax weather balloon video both remain
    un identified for reasons that the data could not be further established in
    a scientific study then both the Popsicle stick Christmas light weather
    balloon and the super advanced gravity distorting vehicle made from metals
    with isotopes not found on earth that travel at super luminal speeds become
    equally un recognized thus both are respectfully UFO’s until further
    evidence can identify them for what they are. So for you skeptics who just
    love the high you get from the thrill of UFO research quit eating your own
    foot by denying so quickly what you originally wanted to believe in.
    Because isn’t that why we all started looking to the sky and the collection
    of videos from around the world? To find an answer? And like it or not
    there is so much media,schematics,math,science,trace material,crop
    formations,user footage,CCTV archived footage,eye witnesses and whistle
    blowers in the highest of political and scientific positions all saying
    first hand the same thing. And what they all seem to say regardless of any
    discrepancy in their story is that there happens to be something
    interacting or making its presence known in small blips all over the world
    and that what that thing is that is making itself known on rare occasion is
    something that did not originate from anywhere we know of. Because if these
    UFO’s are just a joke or top secret military craft from some
    compartmentalized undisclosed project then we have an even bigger problem
    on our hands. And that is to say if these «things» that we see zipping
    around the sky glowing like a furnace and making right angle turns at
    speeds in excess of 20,000 mph and by some method of distorting space and
    time by gravity survive such maneuvers then there is a serious serious and
    I mean seeeerrrrriiiiiioooouuuuuussssss need for the public to wake up and
    charge the armed military bases with our muskets in hand because if these
    craft are representative of where human technology truly is as of today
    then we as a society of earnest hard working citizens are being held in
    slavery of the highest bondage. Which is worst then physical enslavement,
    intellectual enslavement is the way you rule a kingdom and if these craft
    come from nuts and bolts technology from some warehouse in Nevada then we
    are living in a beautified feudalism like we did in the 1300s when no one
    but the kings and queens and heads of churches could read or write due to
    the power such tools of expression gave us. Living in the shadow of this
    secrecy will ultimately lead to the dismantling of the United States
    government or to the enhanced enslavement and hypnotic/subliminally paved
    obedience from the citizens in which this government so admonishingly rules

  2. there is a camera on the top of the UFO if you look close there’s in fact
    two cameras spinning so its just a remote-control bot that you can buy but
    they are quite expensive . 

  3. The problem I have with this vid is that it is slowed down…. so the real
    vid is spinning much faster. On earth To keep an object stable on a rope
    you have got to spin the object at some speed this would not be a normal
    for a space craft the life form inside would be dizzy to say the least just
    because an object is round does not mean it is spinning I think they are
    round so as to change direction with no direction point. so to me this is

  4. if its real then its its a drone and its spinning because its is mapping
    the terrain and in doing so it uses a 360 degree view…the interesting
    thing is the partial cloaking and maybe the angle of the sun as commented
    had something to do with why the cloak was malfunctioning…manned craft
    uses a energy field for the stabilized rotational field that is need do to
    the gravitational pull of the earth however this is not the case with a
    drone used for probing…also it is scanning for anything that might pose
    an immediate threat..they are more or less programmed to ignore individual
    civilians unless they pose a threat or are able to interfere with its
    programming…I am speaking from experience with my own interaction and it
    has not been decided whether they will harm us or not yet as they have not
    fully disclosed what there intention is to me but get used to seeing more
    and more of these and other..many other craft that would be considered
    unworldly because they are here and in large numbers…most the craft use
    cloaking or holographic and even re materialization but in any event to
    maintain a cloak it requires the expenditure of great amounts of energy
    which these crafts do not use free energy as many assume they are very
    efficient at converting energy but they have to recharge the cells and
    often use power lines to transport themselves to other areas since they
    have mapped our entire power grid…

  5. (★)(⭐️)(★)(☆)(★)(⭐️)(★)INFINITE(★)(⭐️)(★)(☆)(★)(⭐️)(★)STARS(★)(⭐️)(★)(☆)(★)(⭐️)(★)~&~ForeverThumbsUp»~!!!
    TO(:-)) UFO Sightings Could This Be The Best UFO Video Ever? Audience

  6. Fakery! Its a CAN, Nothing to see here folks, just your average Garbage can
    suspended from some type of a elevated horizontal boom by fishing Wire! As
    someone pointed out previously, you can clearly see it wobble as it
    rotates, if real, it would spin as a ‘Spinning Top’ does or as Earth does
    in Space, minimal wobble & indetectable by any human senses, only detected
    if using State of Art equipment designed to measure wobble with sufficent
    accuracy. If the speed of the wobbling Garbage Can (GC) in this image
    increased by half of what it’s travelling at now, the wobble would increase
    by the same factor & it would most certainly crash in seconds. Also, the GC
    is not very big, just your everday Garbage can size, this is evident when
    you see the GC passing over building and the tree is in shot, the GC is
    much closer to the building, alot closer, the tree isnt so far away either,
    using simple distance calculations, it puts the clown videoing the GC much
    closer to the target GC than it appears, all in all, simple calculation of
    distances puts a big hole in a this half arsed attempt to only the gullible
    with a Garbage Can full of Wobble! Wow…c’mon Guys!

  7. Well, I really don’t know what to say. Maybe it’s real, or maybe it’s just
    a hoax ! As there is a saying » to see is to believe ! «. Coz I haven’t
    seen any of the space craft yet ! But » I WANT TO BELIEVE ! «.

  8. It wobbles as it freely rotates as if held by a long rope. With latest
    technologies being used in Sci — Fi movies anything is possible to make
    people believe easily…unless we see with our own eyes such things. Also
    it’s possible some countries are developing strange looking flying machines
    and testing them which most us are not aware of. The mystery is which is
    the source of technical know how of flying saucers.

  9. Blake you are such an ass hole. Always supporting the hoax videos! Why
    would anyone take you serious ever again after shit like this? And you want
    to be taken serious and have people send you there videos and stories?
    lol.. No Blake you are NOT good

  10. It’s time for people to stop making selfies with their iPhone and record
    some better footages of these flying objects! i’m sick of blurry ass potato
    hd videos.! 

  11. Someone involved said it was a flying F Woofer. Just a decorated speaker
    hangin on a wire CV transfer.
    Yeah Blake you’ve done it again! Another fake for your files.

  12. Looks like it is from possibly a Ford? It’s a transmission part! lol! No
    wire of string visible because the light balance glares it out. Just looked
    at it again at it looks remarkably like a thermostat from a water pump or a
    car engine. The cap in my opinion is a give away by it’s shape? it’s that
    piece that holds the little wax ball that heats up and opens the spring,
    the cap also has only two identical sides like a thermostat housing.

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