UFO Sightings Free Energy «Machine» Cover-Up! The World Is Waiting!

UFO Sightings Free Energy «Machine» Cover-Up! The World Is Waiting! Does John Searl Have the answer to the Global Energy Crisis? John Searl claims he does …..
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UFO Sightings Free Energy «Machine» Cover-Up! The World Is Waiting!: 25 комментариев

  1. They take anybody down who threatens their BIG piggy bank. You can not
    meter it so they can not charge you means no money for them. But this is
    the energy source the ufo’s use and if they are higher in technology why
    can it not work for us? WE need to start defending these inventors and
    demand our governments to give us free energy. We have the power if enough
    of us get together we can do it.

  2. owe come on neodymium magnets are not that expensive? Also sounds like he
    is evading the questions, obfuscation!?! The principles & mechanics of the
    machine seem logical & sound, however I find it hard to believe the only
    problem is funding? doesn’t seem logical? I know NERDS that spend THOUSANDS
    on fancy 3D printers to print out Pokemon figurines?? lol The only REAL
    solution is to OPEN SOURCE the information!!!

  3. These people spend over 30 years to con people and fail to show the device
    powering anything or working under a load. Until they can demonstrate this,
    It’s all talk. People lose interest after waiting even 2 months for a
    demonstration… He’s had 30 years to show it and has shown nothing.

  4. The most detracting thing of this man’s machine is the same as with any
    great expectation. If its for the world?… Where are the blueprints, shops
    to get the parts, and millions of builders proving it? None. So.. whose
    greed is the issue, the inventor’s or the See Me that magicians and con
    artists use, or look over there, not here. Same nonsense. If it worked and
    it was about helping mankind, all it takes is a very simple setup. Show it,
    Show where to get it, show others making it and using it, and presto…
    But no. So for the love of your own time and effort, stop looking til its
    REALLY given to you fully.

  5. To get free energy all you need is a granite /quartz cored capacitor(20,000
    + volts) tuned to the F# note (5/3 ratio) with a transducer on top that is
    shorted between the positive and negative posts.
    Because the capacitor is tuned it vibrates from the sound of your voice.
    This vibration of the quartz granite core causes a release of 12,500 volts
    per cubic centimeter into the capacitor and then it discharges through the
    transducer causing it to hammer on the quartz core releasing even more
    energy. The transducer will vibrate and hammer on the core forever and
    never stop.
    It works the same way as a piezoelectric lighter. When you click the
    lighter a hammer hits a crystal and releases a 20,000 volts spark to light
    the gas. So instead of using your thumb you have a capacitor connected to a
    transducer that constantly hammers on the quartz which in turn recharges
    the same capacitor with more voltage than the voltage it took to run the
    transducer. The initial energy to start it came from the sound of your
    voice that was transmitted to the device by resonance which in turn causes
    the quartz to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.
    You will end up with excess energy that would have to be regulated with a
    variable resistor or the device would speed up.. ie it would beat faster
    and faster to infinity to the point that it would vibrate at frequencies
    that the human eye cannot see and therefore vanish from sight yet still be
    there. This is why they cover it up.
    All that aside… it needs to come out.
    By adding a spark gap or a Jacobs ladder above the transducer you will be
    able to transmit and receive energy freely from other devices in the area
    and communicate with people for free as all sounds and all energy will be
    transmitted and received between devices as they are all tuned to each
    There are 2 things that will occur in this capacitor…. you have a core
    that will want to grow and expand up to 200 times it’s original size and
    you have the negative capacitor plates that will push towards the core
    using the biefeld brown effect wanting to compress the core. Two opposing
    forces will be at work and the core will end up beating like a heart
    expanding and contracting. The more you push it the greater the extreme
    piezoelectric forces will be at the core. Force = mass x acceleration.. as
    you increase the force it’s mass increases and it speeds up. 500 lbs of
    force exerted on a quartz crystal gives of 12,500 volts per cubic
    Lets say your running it at 1440 hertz and the compression of the core is
    at around 500 lbs of force then your devices is giving off 12,500
    volts…1440 times a second and that is just for a crystal that is one
    cubic centimeter in size. If you calculate it for a core the size of a
    football your generating quite a lot of power. {DC}.

    If you want to get into the extreme and use a 500 lb transducer and a
    capacitor the size of a coffin then your going to get billions of volts but
    on a smaller scale of something the size of a football would be all anyone
    would need.

  6. Something like this HAPPENED TO BUSINESS PARTNER & I ! I spent 9 months
    illegally incarcerated without DUE PROCESS, or a SPEEDY TRAIL. My business
    partner was set up and Framed foe a CRIME that he did not commit and he
    spent 6 months illegally incarcerated. We had the house we BUILT with the
    Recycled Building material that was Fire Proof, Bullet Proof, energy
    efficient, STOLEN FROM US AS WELL!. I KNOW FIRST HAND how this individual
    feels and how frustrating it is and was!. WE WOULD HAVE REVOLNUTIONIZED THE

  7. John Searl is correct.. GREED ! and ignorance… two negatives killing this
    planet and mankind = Short sighted blindness…! I dont know which is
    worse.. embarrassment from the ‘dumbness’ of not uplifting this device
    sooner … or the embarrassment from the lack of acknowledgment that it
    even exists ! God save us from ourselves…!!

  8. Love this stuff and I do believe we can have something generating
    electricity with magnets. The next few post will be the nay saying
    engineers who have been taught what other people have taught them. That’s
    great if you want to stay in the box. Its always someone who has been told
    its impossible who changes the world. Instead of doubting everything. Try
    doing your own experiments if you are so highly educated. 

  9. The big oil and coal tycoon’s will never allow that wonderful tech to be
    given to the people ..=[ …. Before you know it , they will discredit ,
    threaten and murder all the good people that try to help the world advance
    for the favor of all man kind not just a chosen few . 

  10. I saw a doc. Where Fbi was inside a building of a factory where these kind
    of devices were tested and should have gone soon into big hardwere stores,
    well everything was confiscated and the company went on trouble with a
    myriad of allegations! I would like to test this device!

  11. What happens when you continually remove electrons from the environment? I
    didn’t see a cycle where the electrons return to the 1st layer so where do
    they go? If they become the electrical current exiting the machine
    then….again back to my 1st question — can anyone explain?

  12. Geniuses should have reliable managers cause they clearly can’t work things
    out by themselves. Managers could help them to get in contact with CEO s
    from major companies. For example: Jan Sloot from holland and his
    absolutely revolutionary source code. Check it, it’s really the perfect
    example of how the world works. It’s all and I mean ALL about the money!!

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