UFO Sightings Last Interview With Col. Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. Roswell Crash New Mexico! 2013

UFO Sightings Last Interview With Col. Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. Roswell Crash New Mexico! 2013

The LAST official interview with the man who actually held the wreckage from the most famous name in UFOlogy, the Roswell crash. In 1947, Col. Dr. Jesse Marc…
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UFO Sightings Last Interview With Col. Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. Roswell Crash New Mexico! 2013: 25 комментариев

  1. I am so angry about all cover ups of information. This is part of our
    natural history, and hiding it from the people of the world is so wrong.!
    It is the type of information that has the power to change the world. What
    the hell gives them the right to rob us all of the future we could have
    had? I feel cheated out of an infinitely better life, a more peaceful
    loving world that comes from knowing we are not alone in this vast

  2. Is Blake and Dr J the same person. They sound like it. I enjoy it even
    though it’s fake. It will become believable when we have a mothership over
    our heads. Thats when we will know.

  3. If this was true, and Dr. Marcel was SOOOOOOOOO excited, and the
    interviewer asks, well did you take any photographs, «oh no we didn’t» You
    would think for future generations, to believe this they would have kept
    something, or at least taken pictures.How can the public believe anything
    with all the lies? Not sure what to believe.

  4. I don’t think that black and white photo of crash debris is real stuff from
    the craft…..lots of people saw the actual debris days after it crashed it
    was like sheet metal not thin like that!

  5. The USA is never going to disclose the fact that aliens ( and ufos ) are
    real and have been with us since the beginning. At this stage of the game,
    they’d have zero to gain and lots to lose. ( even more credibility, for
    starters ) My gut tells me that one or more groups of aliens will ( perhaps
    soon) make it clear to all on this planet that they’re quite real. How they
    and we as a people will benefit who knows. But I suspect we’re gonna find
    out soon enough.

  6. They mentioned celebs coming out and speaking out about UFO’s. I know Dan
    Aykroyd and a few others are firm believers. He’d definitely be a good one
    to start with since he’s been in the public’s eye since SNL back in the
    glory days of TV and great movies since. Just my 2 cents.

  7. hmz… faster then the speed of light. i think once you hit the speed of
    light the matter wich is going that fast will have such high frequence IT
    would make its own rosenbridge pushing away all mather. so Einsteins theory
    could be still flaw.

  8. kids in the 40’s were different than how kids are now. people were more
    obedient then, not in a sheeple way but in a respectful way. we rarely have
    people like that these days where everyone wants to fall over each other
    for fame.

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