UFO Sightings MJ-12 The Presidents Last Stand! Nov 2014 Free Full Length Documentary

UFO Sightings MJ-12 The Presidents Last Stand! Nov 2014 Free Full Length Documentary

Shocking New Revelations! MJ-12 The Presidents Last Stand! Nov 2014 Dr.Michael E. Salla, is a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the political stud…
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UFO Sightings MJ-12 The Presidents Last Stand! Nov 2014 Free Full Length Documentary: 25 комментариев

  1. The great deception that the bible talks about in my opinion is gonna be
    aliens claiming that they created us..I mean what else could possibly
    deceive mankind 

  2. Why is americans so into this conspiracy theories?everything from
    ufos,vaccines and bigfoot. What about getting some knowledge about the real
    world?Stop watching fox news….!

  3. Ya thanks for sending this new video blake realy preseiate that.its
    unbelievable whats hidden under cia or mj12 fucking crazy busteds.anyway
    keep sending me new link blake and if I see anything I will get In contact
    with you.

    People of U.S.A. here in youtube.
    Is time to clear few things related to the many 1000’s of reports across
    the nation related to the so called, «Americans Humans Abduction» Here in
    youtbe alone, are over 500 videos relate to this topic and many funny
    interview, of so called credible people, just to make it sound better.
    Your stories of flying over the balconies in plain illuminated cities sound
    so ridiculous as it can be; however for most of you that must be very
    Yes they are few humans abductions, but the majorities of those cases were
    donned by typical humans like all of you dress up in rubber alien looking
    type clothing with very nice super silence helicopters and a super light
    show and enough drugs to keep you high during their perverse performance
    against their shocked victims. Man or Woman.
    Do to your naive way of thinking, always in search for action, sensation
    and entertainment, all of you fail to recognize the whole truth behind
    these criminals events.
    How can that be? That from every 1000 reports in the world, 878 reports are
    coming from U.S.A. and 122 are coming from the rest of the ENTIRE world.???
    Europe is full of Caucasians, Africa is full of Blacks, Latin America is a
    mix nation and Asia is full of Asiatic people. USA, is now 300 millions
    inhabitant, but the world have 6.8 billions people, which makes a
    difference of 6.5 billions people, so how can that be, that the rest are so
    un-interested for the so called «Aliens» The answer is so simple that even
    a just born baby can give you the answer.
    In the USA, over 121000 people per year do disappear and by the end of 18
    months ONLY 19500 are accounted for, but nobody care at ALL, unless
    otherwise some Alien comments is writing behind it.
    The business on humans parts flourish on a day by day just like hamburgers
    at McDonalds, but who care? The business of sexual slavery growth faster
    than McDonalds but who care? Cause only when someone accuse the Aliens,
    that sound very entertain.
    The Aliens don’t need your humans parts and Of COURSE they don’t need your
    sex either, but the humans does. 

  5. The public can’t know…the president can’t know…. HOW DOES HE KNOW.
    People can say anything they want. I’m not convinced he’s not fabricating
    most of this.

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